How To Choose The Best Fast Hosting For WordPress?

It’s been a while the blogging became a passion of people to share their knowledge and views with the netizens, and the WordPress is most popular blogging platform that has a million users all over the world.

Even I have been blogging for the past eight years on the WordPress CMS platform

The most important step while setting up your WordPress site is registering your domain name and finding a reliable Hosting firm.

So, when it comes to finding a reliable, fast, cheap and best hosting Service for your WordPress website, it is a challenging task. 

If you are new to WordPress and doesn’t have much knowledge about the WP hosting, certainly you might go for minimal cost plans which provide gauche service or high-cost plans with unnecessary features.

Hence, I intended to write about “Why and How to Choose the Best Fast Hosting for WordPress?” to make you understand about the hosting server and its features. 

Through this blog post, I would also like to recommend some hosting companies that I have used in my blogging journey. So, let’s start with the basics!

What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is similar to the Web Hosting, the service which allows the user or company to upload their web page or website into the internet hence it could be made live to view from anywhere.

While the WordPress is specifically an online open source website creation tool based on PHP and is the most popular blogging platform available.

The WP Hosting Service will be powered by a Web Hosting Provider or Web Host, they hosts or stores the data of your WordPress website that you upload in their Super Computers called Servers.

Since we’re using their Web Space, we’ll be needed to pay for the service. Simply, the hosting can be compared with tenant buying a room or apartment for rental fees from the landlord.

Normal users can visit and view these pages or contents through your website domain or address using their web browser from any platform.

Consequently, choosing the best hosting service and exact pricing plan will affect their viewing experience and other overall site performance score.

Thus you require buying a domain for your wp website for making the site live before the user, so purchase a domain first then go for hosting, even some of the Internet Companies like Godaddy has the facility to register both.

The WordPress hosting has been specifically optimized to meet the performance of WordPress CMS. To easily get started, this hosting service offers 1-click WordPress install feature, and a few providers may provide auto install and update feature. 

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the speed optimization, security and caching for your WordPress site as the hosting provider itself will customize them.

There are some WordPress hosting services that provide the best, reliable and fast wp hosting services with no downtime assurance for live assistance includes, inMotion Hosting, BlueHost, SiteGround, CloudWays, etc.

Why Choose The Best Fast Hosting For WordPress?

Now, you’ll have the idea of WP hosting, and the things keep in mind while finding the best fast hosting for WordPress Website.

The features mentioned above of the hosting will be reflecting on to the websites speed, encryption, and other basic performance too.

Choosing the fast hosting is a wise decision which will help you in developing and organizing the contents with easiness in using.

The fastest hosting server will also make the interaction between visitor and site quicker so that within no time the actions like clicking buttons or commenting will be initiated. Thus, the speed is an important factor of the website accessibility that turns your visitors into sales or subscribers. 

Most importantly, the study conducted by Akamai had found that a 47% of the internet population expect to load the webpages in two seconds or less while the 40% will bounce if it takes much time to load.

The speed of the website will incur in your sites’ overall user experience, SEO scores then eventually affect your traffic and revenues.

Slower hosting will reduce page loading speed of the visitor as well as the admin that make you lose your working time. Like I mentioned above, finding the best and reliable hosting company for a WordPress Website is a hectic job. 

Now let me tell you some hints to buy the best fast server for WordPress. 

How To Choose The Fastest WordPress Hosting Company?


Once, you’ve purchased a Domain for your WordPress site. Next, you need the hosting Service to launch your website.

And finding an excellent or unfailing hosting will be difficult for the beginners because it requires experience with the service providers and their services to judge them.

I’ve learned from my personal experience; the best hosting firm will only be suggested in personal opinions which they have found reliable and trustworthiness in them, services and features of them.

The WordPress hosting is available in different types of option including Free, Shared, Managed, Dedicated, VPS and the Cloud Hosting.

The Best WordPress hosting will be customizable in their services, chosen as per user’s choice later after the purchase of a subscription.

Let’s now check the features of hosting service that you look while buying the best WordPress hosting!

1. Server Response Time

The server response time is defined as the time taken by the web server to respond to the request from a browser.

It should be regarded in case of opting for the specific host since it’ll affect the page loading speed when the server response time is slow.

According to Google, the perfect SEO will be counted on when the Server Response Time is under 200ms.

The best solution to reduce the server response time is by paying more for best fast hosting for your WordPress site to upgrade to better Hardware and more space.

If your site has the unreasonable traffic, it is better for you to go for the upgraded hosting plans.

Search for the exceptional WordPress hosting that offers a low server response time! 

2. SSL Certification

It is one of the notch features that is required on WordPress sites with much traffic, which can protect the site from eavesdroppers by enabling the visitors to connect to HTTPS protocol for securely exchanging information on the Internet.

SSL/TLS certificates will also increase your sites rank in the Search Engine Results because it will have a good SEO score due to the certification.

It even secures the important personal information like passwords, banking credentials, credit card information, etc.

The SSL or Secure Sockets Layer makes the internet more secure space in transferring information between two computers.

The SLL solves the question of originality and reliability of the websites that we’re browsing won’t steal any of our information.

SSL will be helpful for the e-commerce website owners to provide their visitors with an impression of integrity and internet security.

Choose the best hosting for WordPress that offers free SSL certificate. 

3. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A content delivery network is a caching tool that caches your websites the static content in real-time to provide the content dynamically to the user depending on their physical location.

Thus CDN optimizes or caches the content from the WordPress Hosting service to be served locally in the specified location with reduced latency and load time.

It also provides secure browsing when the site receives more traffic. The major advantage of the CDN is that it will cause very less strain on the web host which the site is working on and uses low bandwidth.

The most used Free CDN is the CloudFlare which is also considered to be the number one among the category with its network of 28 data centers across the world.

It even claims the average websites making use of the CloudFlare Free CDN will load the same page twice faster than it without the CloudFlare service.

The free CloudFlare plan is also easy to set up for everyone without many confusions; it provides free shared SSL certificate along with limited protection against DDoS attacks.

It doesn’t ask you to pay for their basic security and certificate, which is more than enough for the developing or beginner bloggers to gain quick search engine reach.

4. Shared And Managed Hosting For WordPress

First of all, I’ve to say that the shared hosting for WordPress is cheaper and cost-efficient than the managed hosting plans. They are nothing but the popular WordPress hosting types that normally people opt-in.

WP Shared Hosting will be sharing the hosting space among several other sites on the same server space. On the other hand, the WP Managed Hosting is explicitly designed and developed for the WordPress websites with maximum server optimization.

The major difference between both is that in WP managed to host, most of the services including regular backups are taken care by the host company itself with high-end server level caching and CDN features hence it is charged much higher than shared hosting.

The Bluehost, inMotion hosting, and GoDaddy are the most preferred hosting services for the beginners to WP blogging platform, which is also available at an affordable price tag.

If you are a beginner who has a limited low budget, then go with shared hosting; otherwise, get managed WordPress hosting to surpass your competitors. 

VPS And Dedicated Server Hosting

The WordPress Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is useful for medium business purpose websites or high traffic websites and the WP Dedicated Server Hosting can be considered for the huge traffic blogs since they run on a physical server with exclusive features and tools.

The VPS hosting has free SSD storage, highly available virtual servers and 1-click migration process where the Dedicated Server Hosting have multi-layer caching and provide high-speed support.

VPS Hosting can be considered for the wannabe developers and designers, whereas the Dedicated Hosting is best for high traffic blogs. The companies like HostGator, SiteGround, DreamHost and the InMotion Hosting are some of the ideal hosting services for VPS and Dedicated Hosting.

Cloud Hosting

The Cloud Hosting is an alternative for the hosting of websites on single servers (dedicated or shared servers) but is like a website hosted on multiple servers with more features than the ordinary hosting types.

It works in the network of server systems that are run from different data centers in different locations.

The hosting service is optimized to ensure the WordPress sites to load with much faster speed and performance compared to the Managed and Shared WP hosting methods.

The major benefits of the Cloud Hosting include High Speed, Increased Scalability compared, Ease of Access and Advanced Security with other hosting types. 

It even has the automated daily database services feature for its secure storage of data on the web server. The user will also have the Real-Time Monitoring system under the hood.

These features make the cloud hosting incredible for the advanced users.

Talking about the security of the hosting service, since the website data is stored in secure data centers there is very low chance for the mishap of the service.

While, when we are running it using the WordPress application whose PHP files are prone to hacking may cause some brute force login attempts.

SiteGround, Kinsta, Cloudways, and DigitalOcean are the best among web services that provide the WordPress Cloud Hosting service with the advanced features on board.

Final Words  

For the WordPress, the beginners can go for the BlueHost Hosting Company with seamless tools, features, and services along with all-time assistance at very affordable rates.

Most of the experienced bloggers and internet entrepreneurs suggest the same since they might have started with it or they have found the easiness of using the hosting for their WordPress Sites or the Small Internet-based business websites. 

If you are a mid-level business, then you may go with InMotion or Cloudways hosting as they are offering the stress-free hosting experience for their users. 

Have it in mind – choosing a wrong plan may cause you further problems that lead to critical server-side issues later.

The website running on the fast host could easily gain the credibility which is required for the smooth running of the site with decent traffic all the time. So, finding and purchasing a best fast WordPress host is equal to piling up for the betterment of your WP site.

If you’re considering to go for a website hosting, then this guide must have helped you positively to choose the best fast hosting for WordPress along with its tangible features compared with its rivals.

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