Top 5 Cheap VR Headsets Below 1000 INR

Do you want to buy a cheap VR headset? If yes, then you have reached the right place!

The Age of Virtual Reality has finally arrived, and people have started pushing themselves into the fascinating world of Virtual Reality. However, every enchanting technology comes with a price.

According to, VR revenue will total almost $38 Billion by 2020 which is 20 times what it was in the year 2016.

While the VR Headsets like Oculus and HTC Vive still remain the best, they can empty your pockets in seconds.

Hence, in this article, I am going to provide you with the inexpensive VR headsets under Rs 1000 so that you can experience this new technology of Virtual Reality by spending just a few bucks.

Is My Smartphone VR Compatible?

Before buying any best cheap VR Headset, you have to make sure whether your Smartphone is VR Compatible or not. For this, you don’t need any special hardware or software but you need to have few necessary hardware sensors:

  • Gyroscope – For 360/3D Videos – Most of the modern budget smartphones have this sensor. This is the most important sensor which you need in order to play 360/3D Degree Videos. If you don’t have this sensor, then you can only experience 2D Videos in your VR Headset.
  • Accelerometer – To Detect Orientation of the screen. Min. 720p Display (1080p Recommended)

NOTE: Although the smartphones with 720p Display would work with VR Headset, the experience won’t be too good. Hence, I would recommend you to choose a smartphone with minimum 1080p (Full HD) Display.

Is Cheap VR Headset Really Worthy?


You have to ask this question to yourself. You get for what you pay!

Just like you can’t expect the features and quality of an iPhone or a Flagship Samsung Device in an affordable smartphone, you can’t expect the top-notch Virtual Reality performance like Oculus in the cheap VR Headsets.

However, if you’re just starting with Virtual Reality and just want to experience how it looks like without spending much, then you can go with the budget options.

In this article, you will get the cheap VR Headset list which you can buy for less than INR 1000 and get started with this new technology.

ANT VRlow-cost-vr-headset

ANT VR was launched to promote the Lenovo Smartphones’ TheatreMax technology. This is one of the most popular VR Headsets in this range and is compatible with smartphones up to 6-inches.

This mobile VR headset provides 100-degree field-of-view and comes with a dedicated App. However, due to its open design, it may not be able to hold mobiles with less thickness properly. Since it can be folded in half, it can be carried anywhere very easily.

Since it can be folded in half, it can be carried anywhere very easily.

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2. Portronics POR-714 Sagabest-vr-headset

Portronics is known for providing budget oriented Computer and Mobile accessories. Their VR Headset may not be the best one but it still serves its purpose. The design doesn’t look cheap at all and the holder can accommodate smartphones with size up to 6-inches.

This phone VR headset also comes with head and pupil adjustment knob which is pretty useful to maintain the comfort level for your head and eyes. Build quality is decent and it does come with a manual and the Google Cardboard QR Code.

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3. Shinecon G-01cheap-vr-headset

This cheap VR Headset by Shinecon comes for 500 bucks and is okay for the price at which it is being sold. Although the build quality is decent, the quality of the Lens isn’t great. The FOV is around 80 degrees so you shouldn’t expect a complete 360 experience of the 3D videos.

Shinecon G-01 comes with adjustable knobs which you can use to adjust the focal length and pupil distance according to your comfort. If you are just looking for the cheapest upgrade over the basic Google Cardboard, then this can be a decent choice.

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4. Zebronics ZEB-VRaffordable-vr-headset

The VR Headset by Zebronics is just a basic VR Headset similar to Shinecon G-01 and is based on the generic design of VR Box 2.0. Although it has the adjustable knobs and magnet trigger button, the quality is average and it doesn’t justify the price at all.

If you are getting this for less than INR 500, then you can give this a try. When compared with Shinecon G-01, we would recommend you to go with the latter.

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5. AuraVR Goinexpensive-vr-headset

AuraVR Go by AuraVR is probably the best in this range and is the only VR Headset which can give you the decent VR Experience. It comes with adjustable knobs to adjust the pupil and focal distance along with an inbuilt clicker to select the menus while you are in the VR mode.

This VR Headset is compatible with smartphones up to 5.5-inches and includes a manual with a proper Google Cardboard QR Code. The build quality is decent and doesn’t look cheap at all.

Since there aren’t many choices in this range, this smartphone VR headset stands on the top of this list.

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How To Select The Best VR Headset Among This?

While I have already mentioned that AuraVR Go and ANT VR can be the contenders for the best VR Headset in this range, I would still recommend you to try it once. The problem with these cheap VR Headsets is the suitability of the Lenses with your eyes.

If you are experiencing headaches or eye strain after using the Headset for 5-8 minutes then you should immediately stop using it and return it back to Amazon. Since this thing falls under the ‘quality issues’ complaint section of the product, Amazon accepts the return within 10 days.

Before using any VR Headset, it is very important to check the comfort level as a bad VR Headset may cause problems to your eye-sight.

Can VR Headsets Cause Health Issues?

You should know the interesting things about Virtual Reality and keep yourself updated with the latest technology trends.

A good quality VR Headset with good quality Lenses will not cause any problems. However, it not recommended to use any cheap VR Headset for a longer duration of time (more than 30 minutes in a go).

Also, if you have a weak eye-sight or suffering from problems like migraines then you should avoid VR Technology. VR won’t kill you but if you already have vision-related health issues, you should either avoid using the VR Headsets or reduce the usage time.

So, what is your opinion about these top VR headsets under 1000 INR? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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