6 Best WordPress Malware Removal Services For Your Site [2022]

wordpress malware removal services

Are you looking to find the best WordPress malware removal services to remit your website from malicious attacks? The harmful attack on our website may cause many downtimes and information theft. These vulnerabilities can harm websites with the help of malware. The hackers do this task for money and to damage our service. 

Malware are malicious files or software designed to deny our service, damage our hardware, or steal information from our system. This malware are spread over the communication network and packed within the commercial software. During the software installation, malware is also executed in our system and do their work.

How To Avoid Malware Attacks & Remove Malware From Hacked Website?

In WordPress, we use many web applications, themes, extensions, and business software in our web hosting. So the malware can cause website vulnerabilities. To avoid these attacks, many hosting service providers can offer Firewalls and Regular security patching.

They also perform malware scans and provide security plugins against the attack. In addition, many hosting services provide 2FA and DDoS protection to avoid unauthorized entry into our website. So they protect the website from malware.

Once malware is entered into our WordPress system, it performs unusual tasks and causes damage to the website. In addition, some malware can transfer our valuable information to hackers.

Wordfence, Ithemes, and Ninja scanner WordPress plugins can perform malware scans and protect the website from harmful attacks. Apart from this, we need regular monitoring and malware removal service for the availability of the website.

Best WordPress Malware Removal Services 2022

The WordPress malware removal service should perform malware scans regularly to identify the attacks. Furthermore, it needs firewall protection against unauthorized software installation.

In case of malicious attacks found in the scan, it should perform a manual or automatic diagnosis to avoid the denial of service. Finally, they should offer multifactor authentication and encryption to avoid information theft. 

1. SiteGuarding Malware Removal Service

Siteguarding is a professional web security service that provides malware removal services more quickly. It offers two plans for malware removal based on urgency. It uses an emergency service in which the malware is removed within 1 to 3 hours. In normal service, it removes the thread within 24 hours. Both the plans have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

If our website gets hacked, it will perform the task immediately doesn’t wait until the site is blacklisted. SiteGuarding offers 24×7 real-time supports with complete monitoring. It is one of the best WordPress malware removal services in the market.

Features of SiteGuarding

  • It offers customers four different plans: blogs, standards, Business, and then the portal for individuals to enterprises.
  • It performs files check within every CMS apart from WordPress.
  • Siteguarding helps to remove the backdoor and then prevent SQL & XSS injection.
  • Every plan has black list removal from Google, Norton and Mcafee
  • Code analysis, bug fix, file scan and blacklist removal performed in Siteguading service.
  • Ninty day monitoring support is available here.

2. Astra Malware Removal Service

Astra provides website clean-up for the hacked websites within 4 hours. They remove malware and then use the effective scanner with an expert team to perform this task. Astra service would fix malware, blacklist, phishing, and then SEO spams. Once we sign up, Moreover, It will perform a malware scan, and the expert team will fix the clean-up.

The automatic scanner detects malware, backdoor, and other bad stuff and cleans it immediately. In addition, it prevents WordPress websites from SQL injection, Password hacks, and other plugin vulnerabilities. Astra offers the best service for removing malware from WordPress websites.

Features of Astra

  • Astra uses a firewall that blocks all the attacks from hackers, bad bots, SQLi, spam, etc.
  • It has a machine learning-powered malware scanner to find malicious objects 24x 7.
  • Astra provides a community security program to prevent unauthorized login attempts.
  • Double-check available for codes with automatic scanner and manual engineers checks. Moreover, it uses 1000+ test cases.
  • The enterprise and agencies can protect 500+ websites without being hacked using Astra.
  • The malware removal service is available for all the CMS.

3. WebARX Security Malware Removal

WebARX security is the best malware removal service that cleans the hacked website with premium malware security. It also has both emergency removal and normal plans with removing malware from WordPress websites. Moreover, it fixes the vulnerabilities and removes sites from blacklists.

They provide immediate malware removal with a team of security analysts and clean the hidden unwanted software. In addition, expert analysis is available for security patching, and they provide 12 months malware removal license.

Features of WebARX security

  • WebARX provides guaranteed manual clean up.
  • It offers complete security analysis and hardening with an expert team.
  • It use the free Web access firewall for the protection against malware attacks.
  • Blacklist delisting is available with patching.
  • 24×7 chat support is available with the security team.
  • It provides 7 days free trial to protect our website in a few minutes.

4. Fixmysite Malware Removal Service

FixmySite is the best hack repair website with a 100% money-back guarantee. They perform hacked website clean-up and repair process in three steps. The first one is a website’s malware scan to identify the attacked places. The second is to Clean the hacked files, database entries, and backdoors.

Finally, the third one is to optimize that hacked website with security protection against malicious attacks and unauthorized entries. They perform WordPress repair for the affected website by security expert reviews, and then one specialist does the rest. It has a fantastic support service to perform troubleshoot and fix common WP errors making it one of the most reliable WordPress malware removal services.

Features of Fixmysite

  • It provides malware clean up, repairs the hacked site, Redesigns the website and optimizes it with security experts.
  • The expert team analyze the problem with site error logs and figure out the issue.
  • The plugin conflicts, theme errors, update errors can be identified and solved using chat support.
  • It can perform site repair from harmful attacks with the security team.

5. WPAOS Malware Removal Service

WPAOS service offers WordPress maintenance and malware removal service with security protection. It includes WordPress ithemes security, blacklist, and malware removal. WPaos provides the vulnerability scanner with brute force attack protection against hackers. They also offer 30-day protection against repeated attacks.

They have the emergency plan with malware removal in 4 hours. It includes one-year security protection against malicious attacks. In addition, WPAOS provides a 30days money-back guarantee with 24/7/365 customer support by experts.

Features of WPAOS

  • It uses Google ads disapproved or rejected when it has malicious codes.
  • The security experts help to identify the WordPress backdoors and then fix them immediately. 
  • It removes Google blacklist of our website by fixing the blacklist issue.
  • The Japanese SEO spams are removed, and avoid hijacking of our website from spammers.
  • SQL injection into the database and malicious code insertion can be cleaned up with WPAOS.
  • WPAOS provides one year of repeated hack protection for our website.

6. WPFixIt Malware Removal Service

WPFixit is providing the best WordPress malware removal service with website speed optimization. They retrieve the hacked website within a day. They use a detailed website scan to identify the level of infection, and then it will perform the complete clean-up process. Do the proper security enhancements to prevent DDoS attacks.

It also performs blacklist removal from various search bots. The infection removal report is available from the specialist who performed the task. They also provide 24×7 WordPress general support with experts. Moreover, It will cover every single WordPress issue.

Features of WPFixIT

  • A detailed website scan is used to isolate the infected files. It also discovers malicious files.
  • WPFixIT provides full site security audit along with hta access and wp-config file.
  • The SQL injections and malicious code added to the database can clean-up performed during the scanning process.
  • The brute-force preventions available for unwanted login attempts and some security enhancements are also available with extensions.
  • The blacklist removal is available in WPFixit.

Conclusion Best WordPress malware removal services 2022

By wrapping up this article, the best WordPress malware removal service should provide clean-up with protection. It includes malware scan, malicious files clean-up, firewall, brute-force, and blacklists removal as well. They should also need easy customer support with security enhancements for WordPress.

The SiteGuarding is the best WordPress malware clean-up service in 2022 with website protection, web antivirus, and web application firewall. Moreover, they have faster malware removal from the hacked website within 1 to 3 hours. It uses the best expert team with a guarantee that makes SiteGuarding the best Malware removal service for WordPress.

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