9 Best Mac VPN Client That You May Consider Buying in 2019



Online Privacy and Security – It is a major concern these days! If you are looking for the best Mac VPN server, then this blog post will help to get the best one. 

The Virtual Private Network applications are required as much as the user needs the Antivirus Software that protect the system from malicious attacks.

But why to use VPN for Mac as it is an expensive and secure gadget that is less likely to get the virus and MacBook contains better features when compared to Windows devices? 

Let’s discuss! 

Why VPN On Mac? 

It is found that the Apple Macs are now being popularly aimed by the cybercriminals and the devices are at risk. They can steal your personal data through the internet connection

Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Mac OS will help you stay safe and secure while browsing online keeping all your private stuff secluded.

Other than providing online privacy, the VPN software’s enables the user to access websites that are restricted to your country and you can hide the location online from your Mac system.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Mac VPN Sever

Choosing the best Mac VPN client is little confusing since not all the applications provide perfect features and support for the users.

There are free and paid VPNs, choosing free VPNs may also ask you to install unnecessary third-party applications or browser toolbars and other limited features. It is required to verify the authenticity and reliability of the VPN.

If you are installing a free VPN client for Mac, then you should read the terms and conditions to know its limits and services.

If you are ready to purchase the Mac VPN server, consider the following factors in mind.

1. Speed – How fast the Mac VPN is? Some VPN providers can offer the ample bandwidth but they compromise on speed. 

2. Design – Get the VPN software for Mac with simple and sleek design to use at your ease. Don’t go with the VPN that has complex features. 

3. Bandwidth – Most of the best Mac VPN companies offers unlimited bandwidth and hence you may go with it

4. Firewall & Browsing Protection – The VPN server Mac should not log your data in any form. They should have advanced encryption algorithm. 

5. Price – Even the cheaper VPN for Mac is available. But make sure that it will not let you down at any cost.

6. Support – The technical support should be their high priority so that they could assist you anytime 24 X 7.

By having all these factors in mind, I have consolidated some top VPN for Mac to buy in 2019.

Top 9 VPN Software For Mac To Buy in 2019

Instead of buying the free VPN server for Mac, I strongly advise you go with the premium tools to get the best features and stay safe as well!

Let’s start!

1. IbVPN 

IbVPN is the best Mac VPN client that easy to setup and use. It supports PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP protocols and has 256-bit traffic encryption.

You will not experience any unwanted disconnection through its Kill Switch feature and if it happens, the IbVPN shutdowns the apps and sites that you use. Then, you will be reconnected automatically.

High-speed connections, unlimited bandwidth, and high-priority support are the notable features of this best VPN app for Mac.

You can get the free trial to test their service and 15 days money back guarantee from the IbVPN service. It is currently service thousands of people in 47 countries.


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2. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is one of the best VPN service available for general users, that even available as a free version with more security and safety for the users.

It has very secure features that provide excellent speeds with dedicated apps for all major mobile and PC platforms including the Mac.

It could be brought $3.29 per month for a 24-month period, users can also pay Bitcoin to subscribe the services and they don’t keep the user data at all.

This service is really simple to use with simple initial setup, the user may face slowdown situation very rarely on their servers. Thus I would say Nord VPN is the good VPN for Mac.

This top VPN for Mac doesn’t have any bandwidth restriction issues. It is a serious option over the popular Express VPN application, having 1,000 servers across 61 countries.

As it is a recommended VPN for mac by the tech giant websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNet, etc. I have kept this program on top of my list. 


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3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the most speedy and customer friendly VPN service available for MAC users. Yes, as the name implies that it is the fastest VPN for Mac that is easy to use and instantly set up as well!

It has a great customer service with more than 1,000 servers available in 95 countries making the best option over all the VPN service providers. It offers 24/7 live chat customer support having an average response time of 30 minutes.

The application has dedicated kill switch to exit immediately from any sensitive apps or websites for force close, similar to network lock.

This VPN unlimited Mac is reviewed as the best solution to watch Netflix TV shows and movies, virtually residing from supported countries and actually from your country.

The VPN software for Mac is a bit costlier than its competitor’s 30-day money back guarantee period, available $8.32 per month along with zero log policy and kill switch features.


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4. IPVanish

IPVanish is a powerful VPN tool for Mac that is extremely fast and is discreetly meant for experienced VPN users.

They have a wide server network in the world, providing high downloading speed and is popularly considered for privacy and torrent downloading uses.

It is a US based VPN company, having a highly secured network that counts to 700 servers across 60 nations all over the world with zero-log policy.

IPVanish isn’t meant for newcomers or beginners because of its power pact features and high-quality service, it is priced at $6.49 per month for a yearly package.

They have quick 24/7 customer care support but lack Live Chat feature, hence the user can report issues via ticketing system by sending the email.


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5. Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access VPN is another great application with four-star ratings from various reviews, it has servers in over 50 countries.

Their Mac client has various features with ultimate security and even allows to have multiple connections for a single user at a time, they will provide remote service whenever any problem has encountered. They also have a Live Chat customer support system for quick enquiry of their products.

The VPN proxy for Mac is the best choice among affordable VPNs, which is available for $2.98 per month for 15 months which is sold originally at $10.95 for 1 month.

Even though the Private VPN has slower speed compared with others, it doesn’t have any bandwidth cap. Private VPN can keep your Mac safe with 0 log policy and 98% of uptime.


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6. Pure VPN

Another speediest VPN service after the Express VPN, which is packed with awesome features and is one of the best VPN software for Mac. Like the Express VPN, it also comes with a kill switch, server tests to check speeds with no bandwidth cap or limit.

It is a total VPN for Mac that comes along with antivirus software and ad blocking for safer browsing for a reduced price of $3.25 per month for their 24-month plan.

They have very efficient Customer support with Live Chat facility and doesn’t keep any user logs other than a record of you’re using the service.


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7. CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN service is prevailed as an efficient provider at very affordable subscription charge, offering data encryption, security for major PC and mobile platforms.

The CyberGhost is a very reputed VPN application has various add-ons including ad-blocker for fast and ad-free internet browsing along with it has military-grade encryption that protects your device against the hackers while you’re connected on public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Though this best Mac VPN client doesn’t have any bandwidth restrictions there is a very slow down while using the service. It even offers ad-blocker as the add-on that saves your precious time from annoying ads and speeds up web browsing.

CyberGhost is available at $69.60 for two years costing only $2.90 per month which is really cheapest price compared to paying $10.40 each month in regular subscription plan if you’re looking forward to long time use.


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8. ZenMate VPN

ZenMate VPN has a simple interface, along with multi-platform supportability including Mac. It doesn’t record log data of users and provides privacy like all other VPN applications.

It is also very easy to set up hence is the best solution for beginners, they just have to download the application, then select the country that’s it.

Also, it gives access to the Netflix US but is slow compared to the other clients’ speed.

It is a low-cost Mac VPN service with the really simple task you can get away prying eyes on the internet, but it has servers only in 28 countries which is low compared to its rivals.

The application is been priced at £5.99 per month ie. £49.99 per year which isn’t a great deal for who look for more powerful and speedy performance, fortunately, they give you a 14-day money back guarantee time to opt-out from the service.


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9. Hide My Ass VPN

Even if the VPN service comes with a playful name, the security of the application isn’t fun. Hide My Ass VPN comes with a very friendly and simple user interface for its Mac client, have support extended to other platforms too.

It is priced much bitter way but is worth buying when it is brought comparing its features to other VPN providers.

Even bitcoin is accepted by Hide My Ass, the plan starts at a minimum rate of $6.55 which is comparatively higher on the list, along with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee period.

This excellent Mac VPN server ensures unlimited server changing and no bandwidth restrictions with very fast server speeds. It has a gross of servers in over 190 countries around the world and very good customer help center.

Unfortunately, it logs the user data so that your browsing history will be maintained on their servers, therefore, no real anonymity can be ensured by using this service.

Still, it is a good option for users to watch Netflix shows online from other countries.


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Wrapping Up

It can’t rely on that Mac Systems doesn’t get any malicious attacks while browsing the internet, since the internet has become a treacherous place to be.

Using a top VPN for Mac can let you be in anonymity, protecting your sensitive data from malicious activities including hacking etc.

Even, using the VPN, the user can watch Netflix from restricted nations and visit the sports websites that have been blocked in your country, under a secure network.

Hence the VPNs can be regarded as a solution for user encryption, unlocked content and faster browsing speed.

If you are searching for the Best VPN software for Mac PC in 2019, then I would suggest you go for IbVPN or Express VPN which is a really worthy client to rely on.

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