Which Is The Best Monitor For Photo Editing?

If your requirement is to get the best photo editing monitor, then you have landed on the right place! Read the post till the end and thus you will be able to look at the best monitors for photographers that I have listed in this blog post. 

When we look in the digital market, what we can find is all types of LED monitors for different sort of usage. If we pay closer attention to the price point, we get to see that the difference between the price variations for every model which is furnished with general features.

Some of them are designed for gamers who are looking forward to taking down their opponents look deep into insights of the game.

However, there are also some best monitors for Photography to print the creativity with an accurate color to enhance. Controls play a crucial role for most of the creativity field users.

I would say that the LED monitors are the best photography monitor and hence, let’s look into remarkable LED monitors screens so that you can buy without any hassle. 

Before checking the best photo editing monitor list, let me summarize some valid points to have in mind while buying the computer with LED monitor. 

Things You Should Know Before Buying a LED Monitor

When you buy the best computer monitor for photo editing, have the following points in mind!


Integrated Display

Display says it all, and one good angle can get you into a position, where things might look more unnatural they ever can be.

Displays should have calibration tools enhance the viewing angles and modules. The display is what makes things clearer and give you precise angles and color patches.

LED monitor should have integrated modules so that you won’t get any unclear angles in the pictures or videos and hence, it is the best monitor for photographers. 


When we involve creativity in any work field, there are too many enhancements we have to make to enlighten the art and make it look more attractive, and it consumes plenty of time.

The equipment should have the power to take on the heat which you are taking along with the equipment.

Size & Resolution

Size does matter even if you have an HD monitor, and size does play its rules when it comes to looking deep into the pixels and point to point clarity.

Let’s take an example that you are shooting a photo using a 20 – Megapixel SLR, the medium resolution would be 1920×1080 which is nothing but you cannot take a closer look and point out few enhancements if you are sticking with the small screens.

This could be the disadvantage for the photographers. What is recommended for the creativity field artist is that to go for over 21 Inches LED monitor rather than the regular 15’6 inches screen and it would be the best monitor for photo editing. 

3 Best Monitors for Photographers

Following are my best photo editing monitor top picks and you may choose your preferred one!

1. Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24-inch LED Monitor


Dell has been consistently one of the top manufacturers in delivering the quality products to the consumers worldwide. Dell products do come with a high price, but they do have what it takes to be worth enough for attention.

If you are looking for a LED Monitor which are not only eco-friendly for the photo editing also significant and stylish, then you should take a look at Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24-inch LED screen as it can work as the best photo monitor. 

Moving to the specs of the model that the resolution is 1920 x 1200 pixels at a maximum resolution and it has very sharp viewing angles.

You can even spot minor errors, places to enhance and even cancel to make it look much better. Coming to the color gamut, it is 82% (CIE 1976), which is quite good if we look at the price point.

Pros: The resolution is quite impressive, and the display is ultra sharp for photo editing.

Cons: Think bezel.

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2. Asus PA328Q 34″ 4K UHD Eye Care Monitor 


When you are willing to invest in the best photo monitor for your professional requirements, then you should choose a LED Monitor which can give you accurate and robust UHD image detailing.

The model of the Asus offers excellent gray-scale performance, and the large 32-Inch IPS screen gives you full detail along with the multitasking performance.

No need to carry the multiple cables for different devices like the Asus model has most significant inputs and USB Hub to give you the best output as possible. PA328Q is a wise choice if you are looking for a LED Monitor for stunning performance and give the best output as a photo editing monitor. 

PA328Q is integrated with several basic to advanced features for the image settings. You can find seven presets that include two User modes, Temperature, Standard, sRGB, Reading, Darkroom, and Scenery.

And the basic are the standard Contrast, Brightness, temperature settings. When you are working for hours on the monitor, so the Asus has enabled five different blue light filters to ease your eye strain.

The settings can be applied to the entire screen. You can use the Quickfit option to the screen ti fit the size and helps you to work on different layouts without any fuss.

So, all the above remarkable features nudged me to suggest that it is the best monitor for Photography.

Pros: If you look at the specs and the price, Asus is offering an exciting product at a $1299.

Cons: PA328Q has an average amount of inputs when you compare to the NEC MultiSync PA322UHD.

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3. Samsung U32D970Q


Video & Photo editing has never been easy when you have Samsung U32D970Q model which gives your 32 Inches UHD monitor with solid grayscale performance and accurate colors to enhance the viewing angles with better performance.

The U32D970Q can view complex detail to make a good fit. The maximum screen comfort is being taken care of as the Samsung model has an ergonomic stand. The Samsung Model offers many USB ports to give the best input for your latest technology as possible.

Considering the price point the Samsung model U32D970Q has decent features along with the latest technology to provide the best output for your creativity.

The Big screen has more detail and coverage of the photo than the average screens like 15’6 inches LED screens, and the Samsung U32D970Q has big UHD screen to give the decent detail of every photo you edit.

The display has loaded with advanced adjustments like color, white balance, contrast and more. Thus I have listed this awesome gadget in the best photo editing monitor list. 

Pros: Samsung U32D970Q is useful for professionals who look into every detail to enhance the photo from an inch to an inch.

Cons: The Model does not come with Blue Light filters to ease your eye strain when you are working on your PC for more than 6 hours.

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Final Words On Buying The Best Monitor For Photo Editing

There are many LED UHD Monitors which has several features to grab your attention, but you can only find the differences among them only when you try them personally.

If you want to enhance the photo from every pixel possible, then you should go for any of the LED monitors I have mentioned here.

So, what is your thought on this post about the best photo editing monitor? Which is your choice to serve as the best monitor for Photography? Share your valuable viewpoints in the comment section. 

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