Best Laravel Hosting for Web Application Development

Best Laravel Hosting

Are you looking for the best Laravel hosting?. Laravel is one of the best open-source platforms for web application development. Moreover, we can create web applications faster with Laravel using Model-View-Controller (MVC) patterns. These hosting services provide an easy way to manage PHP servers for web application deployment. We can easily structure and display the data using a better PHP framework with controller logic.

We have the seven best Laravel hosting services that can view the model using PHP framework templates. It has an HTML page that can be viewable in different browsers, email templates, and RSS feeds. We can use these hosting services for different Laravel applications such as speed, cloud service, dedicated server, and overall usage. These hosting services can manage servers and deploy the application for web development.

Top 7 Best Laravel Hosting

Using the hosting control panel, we can easily set up Laravel using a softaculous installer. Moreover, we have VPS, Cloud, and dedicated hosting servers with Laravel deployment for web application development. They use Redis cache, PHP-FBM, and others for performance improvement during the Laravel MVC web development system. Moreover, advanced security with DDoS protection provides a secure environment for web applications.

1. Cloudways Laravel Hosting

Cloudways provides SSD-based Laravel cloud hosting. We can get fast Laravel hosting from Cloudways. So, we can deploy the Laravel application quickly with these cloud hosting services. It is one of the best Laravel hosting services with one click installer for Laravel applications. Ultimately it reduces the developer’s task for web application development. Moreover, we can optimize the web application using Redis and other advanced caches. It uses dedicated firewalls, IP whitelisting, and two-factor authentication to provide security to web development.

Features of Cloudways Laravel Hosting

  • We can deeply Laravel in different servers such as Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS, Vultr, and Google cloud.
  • It helps to achieve speed performance with Apache, Nginx, PHP-FBM, and MariaDB.
  • Moreover, cloud flare CDN is available for a faster developer working environment.
  • Automated backup and Auto healing servers are available with web application monitoring
  • Git integration, the Staging area is available with SSH and SFTP security.

2. LiquidWeb Hosting

Liquid Web hosting is one of the best Laravel hostings with cloud servers. It offers enterprise hosting for SMBs with the scalability of server resources. It provides private cloud hosting by VMware with better infrastructure. Moreover, Liquid web hosting has Dedicated VPS and cloud hosting services to deploy Laravel web applications. It is the best multi-server environment with a maximum uptime guarantee. Furthermore, it is a fully managed hosting service best suited for developers.

Features of Liquid Web Hosting

  • It uses a VMware cloud environment for application developers.
  • Liquid web hosting is the right hosting for enterprise cloud web applications.
  • Better application management is possible with network and security.
  • Complete control for the multi-server environment by liquid web hosting.
  • It is reliable and secured hosting for eCommerce and magneto applications.

3. BigRock

BigRock is one of the best Laravel hosting for a fast and secure environment for web application development. Moreover, it offers web hosting with VPS, Dedicated servers, and cloud environments for developers. We can choose the web hosting between managed with cPanel and Unmanaged Bare metal. Furthermore, it has a fully equipped cPanel and Plesk control panel for web application development using Laravel deployment.

Features of BigRock 

  • The BigRock provides Linux and windows hosting for developers
  • We can use the programming languages like PHP, ASP.Net, Python, and more.
  • A dual quad core with Xenon processors is available for the best performance.
  • It is SSD-based hosting with a cloud Linux environment for web application development.
  • More than 300 plus applications are available with varnish web acceleration methods.

4. InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting is best-suited for Laravel application development using the MVC modeling patterns. Moreover, it provides VPS, Dedicated and Managed cloud servers to provide the best environment for web applications. We can manage smart applications for small business processing and host email, websites, and business apps. Furthermore, InMotion hosting has easy-to-use apps and tools for developers. The servers are built with fast-loading resources and more apps for the small business environment.

Features of InMotion Hosting

  • It has a website builder with a hundred plus mobile website templates.
  • Reliable servers and advanced technology are available for optimal web service performance.
  • It has a complete solution for hosting and building a web application using stacks.
  • InMotion hosting is the high-powered VPS solution for the Laravel application development environment.
  • It provides better speed with NVMe and SSD-based storage in the servers.

5. HostPapa

HostPapa is one of the best Laravel hosting for small business application development. We can quickly deploy the Laravel application for web app development. Moreover, it provides VPS and Web hosting for high-performing website creation. It offers email hosting with an SSL-secured environment for business apps. We can achieve better performance for the websites with fast servers and CDN support. Advanced DDoS protection is available with malware scan with a Website application firewall.

Features of HostPapa

  • It has 400 plus application installers with cloud Linux server support.
  • We can create an unlimited MySQL database with more CPU and database resources.
  • HostPapa has a vulnerability scan with a fast content delivery network.
  • We have automated website backup with one-click restore options in HostPapa.
  • Papa care plus gives priority support and expert advice for website performance improvement.

6. A2 Hosting

A2Hosting offers Web, VPS, and dedicated server hosting at better speeds. Moreover, turbo boost hosting provides better performance during web application developments. It is the best-suited hosting service for small businesses, eCommerce, and web development platforms. Free website migration is also available with a maximum uptime guarantee. Furthermore, it has an A2 site builder with a drag and drop editor used to publish a website in minutes.

Features of A2 Hosting

  • We can quickly deploy CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.
  • It also performs well with magneto and Woocommerce websites for eCommerce applications.
  • Moreover, it is developer friendly hosting for Laravel application development with multiple language support.
  • It is a reliable hosting service with turbo speed performance.
  • A2hosting has 20x speed performance with SSD storage and CDN support.

7. Hostinger Hosting

The Hostinger is one of the best Laravel hosting for web application development in a faster way. It is a fully managed web hosting with faster performance during application development. Moreover, a staging environment is available for developers. It has 24/7/365 customer support with HTTP3 and SSD-based servers for better performance. The lite-speed cache is used for faster application development. Furthermore, the Hostinger hosting has in-house WAF protection for cyber-attacks. It offers cloud Linux with LVF containerized environment for web development.

Features of Hostinger Hosting

  • VPS, cloud and email hosting are available for web application developers.
  • We entirely control SSH, WP-CLI, and GIt integration support for web app developments.
  • Global data centers are available in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.
  • It uses a one-click application installer with simple Laravel deployment.
  • The staging environment is available for design and app development.

Conclusion – Best Laravel Hosting

By wrapping up the best Laravel Hosting, these hosting services help to deploy the Laravel application using a softaculous installer. So we can create web applications quickly with MVC pattern-based development. We can easily manage the advanced server resources and multiple servers with Cpanel and Plesk control panels. One-click application installer helps to install the application for small business environments. So, developers can quickly develop websites with Laravel Hosting.

Ultimately, cloudways Laravel hosting is one of the best cloud hosting services with multiple servers; We can easily manage server resources and monitor the application with auto-healing technologies. Moreover, Git integration is possible with a staging area and URLs using the easy deployment of Laravel.

Furthermore, web development can provide a secured environment with SSH, SFTP access, and two-factor authentication. This thing makes cloudways the best Laravel hosting for app development.

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