Best 10 Game Server Hosting For Incredible Gaming Experience

Gaming is the biggest stress buster in today’s time. Games help you boost logical and analytical problem-solving skills.

The rise in online gaming is tremendous, all thanks to technology and the internet. Isn’t it cool that players can meet online and built strategies to achieve excellent scores? Gaming is the best choice to kill boredom and compete for real money and lucrative prizes.

To enjoy an uninterrupted game, you must have a reliable game server dedicated hosting which demands the constant need for modern real-life online games.

It is must for the players to have the best game server hosting to enjoy the game to the fullest. 

Best 10 Dedicated Game Servers For Gaming Enthusiasts

Here are some of the excellent game servers that can buy to get the maximum excitement! 


1. Go4hosting

Go4hosting is the Best game hosting provider where you can bring in your friends to participate in various online games. You can also create your gaming group and have complete control over the team. This smart Game server VPS hosting provides control over the environment, and you can access resources efficiently.

Top Features

  1. Enable multiple player game activity
  2. Fastest bandwidth with 99.982% uptime for the best gaming experience
  3. Optimal security
  4. Round the clock monitor, maintenance and management
  5. Reliable Minecraft dedicated server


  •  Full control over the environment
  •  Create gaming groups
  •  Easy customization

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2. Host Havoc

Looking for an ultimate Game server hosting services? Check out Host Havoc gamer servers for the lag-free gaming experience. The game server is available within minutes once the order is confirmed. Be it the uptime or the performance, Hosthavoc game servers are the best choice.

Enjoy special Minecraft servers from Hosthavoc to build, create, and enjoy the fantastic Minecraft. It is completely lag free, and the control panel is super easy to use.

Top Features

  1. Incredible fast SSDs
  2. Complete DDoS protection for best performance
  3. Real life gaming experience without lag
  4. Clear audio without any loss of latency


  • Instant setup of hosting, it takes just 10-12 minutes
  • Excellent customer support
  • Covers global location

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3. Voodoo

If you are looking for a Cheap game server, Voodoo is the ideal choice. It is easy to use and a reliable choice. It is a Cheap Minecraft server hosting where you can build and enjoy the game without any interruption or lags.

Top Features

  1. Power packed with SSD to ensure perfect speed
  2. Dedicated Ram for the incredible gaming experience
  3. Completely protect against DDoS attack
  4. Easy to use control panel


  • Complete safety
  • A flexible and reliable choice
  • Easy to set up without compromising the security
  • Cheap game server hosting

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4. Game Hosting

Game hosting is the most reliable choice if you are looking to host multiple game servers. You can install anything in just a few taps. This game server dedicated hosting supports trending games like Minecraft, the forest and a lot many.

Top Features

  1. High-quality connection with low ping
  2. Premium hardware to offer the best gaming servers
  3. Latest SSD for the best gaming experience


  • Impressive game dictionary
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Instant setup

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5. Fraget

Fraget is a top and best game hosting provider with incredible gaming dictionary. This popular gaming hosting has all the 34 top games that include Minecraft, the forest, project Zomboid, etc. It is possibly the best and most reliable gaming server with a strong network.

Top Features

  1. Incredibly performance and user-friendly
  2. Easy to navigate game inventory
  3. Ideal for international players
  4. Fill support from multiple modes


  • Best for gaming enthusiasts
  • Comes with SSL certification
  • Supports 3rd party modification

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6. Game Servers

The Game server is the best game server hosting with incredible speed and low price. Game servers have popular games like seven days to die, mine crafts, rust, space engineers and a lot more. It is the largest gaming network which is widely spread across the globe.

Top Features

  1. 100% dual quadcore server for optimal performance
  2. Largest gaming network for the incredible gaming experience
  3. Quick activation with total security


  • Fast pings
  • Prompt customer support
  • Good global reputation

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7. Server Mania

The Server Mania is a brilliant, dedicated game server hosting which is one of the best in the market for the superior gaming experience. The premium uptime keeps your gaming enthusiasm on. Server mania is famous for delivering a stable gaming environment.

Top Features

  1. High-performance gaming environment
  2. Hassle free gaming experience
  3. Supports more than 20+ games
  4. 100% uptime
  5. Feature loaded control panel


  • Cost effective gaming solution
  • Premium network connections for the incredible gaming experience
  • Less lag time

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8. Beast Node

Beast Node is a Minecraft dedicated server which is powerful and loaded with features, and the performance is superb. It is a perfect choice for gaming enthusiasts. The servers are power packed with the latest Intel Xeon CPUs for high performance.

Top Features

  1. All the services are premium with gigabit uplink to ensure excellent gaming piece
  2. The Minecraft comes with their smart control panel which can be completely managed and controlled
  3. Top tier networking for best latency and response.


  • 1-click set up
  • An affordable choice for gaming enthusiasts
  • 99.9% uptime

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9. Citadel Servers

Looking for a Best game server hosting, Citadel Servers is the ultimate choice. It offers security, reliability, and consistency which is must for a beautiful gaming experience. Take your gaming altogether to another level at incredible speed for a budget-friendly plan.

Top Features

  1. 50+ game dictionary for the gaming beast in you.
  2. Specially designed Minecraft servers
  3. Lag free servers and easy to use control panel


  • Good performance
  • Affordable price

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10. Survival Servers

If you are looking for the best gaming hosting services to enjoy big gamers, head straight to Survival Servers. You can get started in a few minutes once the order is confirmed. The setup is easy to install, and you have full control over the control panel.

Top Features

  1. High-performance gaming server without any lag
  2. Easy to upgrade or include addon.
  3. Games are regularly updated so that you enjoy updated version without any delay


  • Credible name
  • The website user interface is friendly.
  • High-quality service with zero lag

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Wrapping Up

If you are a gaming enthusiast and are looking to invest in a high performing gaming server, don’t forget to check out these best game server hosting 2019. Select the best game server hosting based on the features and your budget.

I hope the above-mentioned best game hosting providers will offer an incredible gaming experience to chill out after work. Share your game adventure with me and tell which game server you would like to get from the list? 

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