7 Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2021


Do you have many downtimes during high traffic conditions?. And looking for the best-dedicated server hosting for your website?

The dedicated servers are the best-suited people who plan startups from having a website with more than 1000 visits per month. Dedicated servers are unlike VPS and shared hosting, and it has the single server for hosting your website. 

Its server resources are not shared with any other account. But in VPS hosting, the single server is shared with other accounts with fixed resources.

Therefore, dedicated servers overcome the limitation of VPS, such as downtime during high traffic and Cloud hosting limitations such as the security of multiple servers and their proxy.

How To Identify The best Dedicated Server Hosting?

Generally, the price is higher in dedicated hosting compared with VPS and Shared hosting. The server location, Bandwidth limits, and server uptime are the essential metrics while choosing the dedicated server hosting. 

The server resources and their quality for speed and performance, such as SSD usage, RAM, and CPU core usage, are noted during the selection.

We should check the ease of use control panel with managed resources and web applications before purchase.

The server security, uptime guarantee, and providers money-back guarantee also be identified before the selection. The top dedicated server hosting 2021 listed below.

Top 7 Dedicated Servers Web Hosting

The best customer support with flexible price makes a dedicated server hosting stands out among the others. The server locations and uptime play a vital role in website availability to local users without interruption. The speed performance gives better conversion during the launch campaign and for SEO as well.

The advanced technology integrations make dedicated servers are the best hosting for business growth

1. Liquid Web Hosting

Liquid web hosting provides high-level dedicated server hosting with better security standards. The liquid web offers a cloud dedicated server as well with complete hardware transference and load balancing methods. It is the cheapest dedicated server available with managed control panel access. We can choose the server locations from the US and Europe for the best performances.

Features of Liquid web Dedicated server

  • It uses advanced Intel xenon gold 6226 CPUs for maximum speed performance. 
  • You can choose the multicore CPU cores based on web applications and traffic available on your websites.
  • RAM is available from 16 GB with 5TB bandwidth and external storage for backups in dedicated servers.
  • It has multiple ranges of plans for SaaS, Multi-user application and ERP website solutions.
  • The best customer support is available with both Linux and Windows servers.
  • The CloudFlare CDN and Dedicated IP with root access are available in liquid web hosting.
  • Cloud Load balancer and PCI compliance scanning are available with DDoS protection.

2. InMotion Hosting

InMotion dedicated servers are available in managed hosting with cPanel and unmanaged bare metal for custom build business. The managed WHM panel is suited for agencies, businesses, and reseller hosting. The Bare metal hosting is best suited for system administrators and developers with command-line interfaces. It is available for less than 100$ for custom business creation. 

Features of InMotion Dedicated Hosting

  • Free website transfer is available with Cpanel and WHM panels for dedicated server management.
  • It provides automatic updates and security patching for server maintenance support.
  • It has full root access with email, database and domain management via Cpanel.
  • Guide support is available for the deployment of servers with 24/7/365 support.
  • Data centres are available with fast network times and a 99.9% uptime guarantee in InMotion hosting.

3. Dreamhost Hosting

Dreamhost dedicated server provides Intel xenon 4core processor with 4GB RAM for its starting plan. The Dreamhost uses HDD and SSD for faster data processing in dedicated server hosting. We can utilize the server resources fully as per our business applications. It has multiple data centers with redundant cooling mechanisms for the servers to reduce downtime.

Features of Dreamhost

  • It provides cPanel with full root and shell access for maximum control.
  • We can manage all the domain, emails and web applications by cPanel control.
  • Dreamhost uses rapid one disk storage for faster data processing.
  • The unlimited bandwidth provided by Dreamhost is the best choice during traffic peaks.
  • Opcache, Node.js and PHP latest version provides the speed performance and maintains maximum uptime.
  • 24/7/365 customer support with DDoS protection available with Dreamhost.

4. A2Hosting Dedicated Servers

A2hosting is the best dedicated server hosting available in both the form such as managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting. The unmanaged service is used to develop service-based websites, and Managed dedicated hosting is used for eCommerce websites. It uses bare metal hosting with root access for your operating system.

Features of A2 hosting

  • Unmanaged Dedicated server uses NVMe for faster read/write operations while processing the data.
  • The bare metal dedicated servers are located in Michigan data centres.
  • It provides 24×7 crew support for server deployment and application integration.
  • The turbo plans available in the A2hosting provides maximum speed performance to the websites hosted in it.
  • It gives full root access with a command-line interface in unmanaged servers and a cpanel option in managed dedicated servers.

5. Accu Web hosting

Accu Webhosting dedicated server is of self-managed and fully managed type. Its servers and data centers are available worldwide for faster access to data. It supports both Intel and AMD multi-core processors for server construction. In addition, Accu web hosting has separate servers for different gaming, infrastructure, storage, etc.

Features of Accu Web Hosting

  • It uses RAID 0,1, 5 6, and RAID 10 for faster data storage.
  • It provides automated backup with DDoS protection with security monitoring.
  • Accu Webhosting provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee with good customer support.
  • Its customer support is used for initial setup, ongoing updates, hardware replacement, software install and free migration of websites.
  • Custom dedicated used for email hosting, file hosting, collocation, SQL server, video streaming ad etc.

6. BlueHost Hosting

Bluehost has fantastic dedicated server hosting available with a managed hosting control panel as an addon service. Bluehost is best known for its performance, security, and ease of use control panel for all hosting services. The dedicated servers are available with xenon D processors with SSD storage and DDR-4 RAM. In addition, the blue host offers on-demand support for server construction in dedicated hosting.

Features of Bluehost 

  • A special team is available for server setup, migration, hardening, database management and security protection in dedicated server management.
  • Improved cpanel access for emails, domain, websites management along with server root access
  • The site lock, domain privacy and spam protection addon are also available with dedicated servers.
  • One year free domain and a minimum of 3IP addresses are available for a dedicated server hosting plan.

7. Hostwinds Hosting

Hostwinds is one of the best dedicated server hosting companies with complete control of hosting resources. It provides a fully managed control panel with 24×7 security monitoring for the server resources. In addition, Hoswinds provides maximum server availability with no downtime. The servers are available in multiple locations around the globe with datacentres provision.

Features of Hostwinds 

  • It uses redundant array independent disk RAID 0 through 60 for faster data processing.
  • Hostwinds provides 100% control over the server resources with a 1Gbps network link.
  • We can customize the server resources based on COU cores and RAM available in the dedicated hosting plan.
  • 24×7 monitoring with automated backup available in the dedicated server hosting.
  • Hostwinds have the best support team with live chat, online ticketing support on a 24/7/365 basis.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Dedicated Server Hosting?

By wrapping up the article, the best dedicated server hosting should have specific provisions in its hosting control panel. It should have no downtime, security options, 24×7 monitoring, and maintenances support for hosting resources. The liquid web is an ideal dedicated hosting provider, and it has a cloud dedicated hosting server option.

It has a fully managed hosting control panel and an expert team available to migrate websites from old hosting to current dedicated server hosting with minimal time. The expert team also supports server deployment and application integration. So it is the best dedicated server hosting to buy in 2021 & beyond.

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