Best Auto Mouse Movers To Keep Your PC Screen Active Forever

Don’t you want to move your computer mouse frequently? Is it annoying to enter the password again and again? How to make your mouse move on its own? 

Here is the solution to all your problems! 

Windows is designed to automatically enter into the sleep mode after 30 minutes (depends on your settings) inactivity.

So you have to move the mouse frequently to prevent your computer from the sleep mode. To avoid this problem, the best solution is Auto mouse mover.

An auto mouse mover is a software that can be used to prevent your computer from logging off. It moves the mouse automatically to keep your computer awake.

The auto mouse movers keep moving your mouse every few seconds. It pretends like the system is currently in use, to believe the CPU by making mouse movements at specific intervals.

Using the automatic mouse clicker, you can set movement interval, the number of repetitions, frequency, and schedule. It keeps your screen active when you aren’t working.

I have done the research and found some best auto mouse mover free software that is available for all the windows users.

Top Auto-Scrolling Mouse Software To Remain Your Computer Awake


1. Move Mouse

Move Mouse is one of the best auto mouse movers that prevent your computer from going into hibernate mode. This also considers as a mouse activity simulator application.

This mouse auto-scrolling is designed for multipurpose. It can manage a blackout schedule by sending the keystrokes to the screen.


  • In this software, you can set the seconds interval for the next movement.
  • They have set the static mouse position, activate the application, and some other options.
  • It allows you to enable the stealth mode to make the action invisible.
  • It can perform keystroke actions and helps you to handle the spamming notifications.
  • Using this software, you can customize your script.
  • It is effortless to access.

Download Move Mouse

2. XuMouse

XuMouse is one of the simplest automatic mouse movers for windows. Using this software, you can prevent your computer from logging off or going into sleep mode. It is free and safe to download.


  • It has two options: Click the mouse and move the mouse.
  • If you select click mouse option, then it clicks the pointer, or you choose the moving mouse, then the mouse moved automatically.
  • You can adjust the configuration parameters.

Download XuMouse

3. WiggleMouse

WiggleMouse is the next simple mouse clicker application, which is another simple open-source software. You have to set a time interval to move the mouse cursor.

It is one the best solution to move your mouse automatically to wake up your PC device. It will wiggle the mouse at an interval of time through the graphical user interface.


  • You can set the time in hh: mm: ss format.
  • It has an infinite loop, so you don’t need to define the number of loops.
  • It has a cross-platform java program.
  • It is a free software application, and it is os independent.
  • It also has power management tools.

Download WiggleMouse

4. Mouse Jiggler

Mouse Jiggler keeps your system alive when the system is not in use. It gives a fake input to your CPU to wake up your window. It is a highly rated software.

It is an open-source mouse mover software that doesn’t provide any warranty or support. You can use this software by using two options

  • Enable Jiggle (to jiggle the mouse with visible pointer).
  • Zen Jiggle (to jiggle the mouse with invisible pointer).


  • It is a free product and a simple piece of software.
  • It gives fake mouse input to windows and moves the mouse pointer back and forth.
  • This is the best alternative for screen savers.
  • It requires the .NET Framework 2.0.

Download Mouse Jiggler

5. Tiny Task

The Tiny Task is another small mouse mover with a simple user interface. This mouse clicking on its software is simple, free, and useful software.

You can change the number of loops, change hotkeys, and playback speed. It can capture the mouse clicks. Unfortunately, there is no-frills task automation.


  • You can record the mouse movement by clicking the record icon.
  • You can also play them in the loop.
  • The open, save, record, play, compile, and settings options are available.
  • It has a simple interface and a small downloaded size.
  • It has a normal-sized caption bar and low-level intrinsic function upgrades.
  • It provides quick and easy automation. 
  • It doesn’t require any installer or file needed because it is minimal in size.

Download Tiny Task

6. Murgee Auto Mouse Mover

Murgee Auto Mouse Mover is one of the best auto mouse movers which prevent your device from going into the hibernation mode. It allows you to fix a time to keep your screen awake. You have to register by paying in $5.

This software works perfectly in all the windows operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and other versions. If you are looking for the best solution for making the mouse moving on its own in Windows 10, then Murgee is the ideal choice. 


  • It is free to try software.
  • There is no limitation in the trial period.
  • It doesn’t need any admin rights because it is a standalone application.
  • Using this software, you can customize your software screen.
  • You can also configure color and image for the script editor.
  • You can customize the text on the graphical user interface.
  • You can control the number of times an action is executed.
  • It has handy keyboard shortcuts.

Download Murgee

7. Jiggler For Mac

Jiggler is designed for one purpose that keeps your Mac awake. It moves your mouse every one in a while. It jiggles when your machine is busy working, whenever your CD or DVD is inserted, and whenever a particular application is running.

If you are searching for the best mouse mover mac, then Jiggler is the correct choice as you can configure it for several activities. It does not affect the iTune play and falls asleep while burning the CD/DVD.  


  • You can use this software free with no charge.
  • It is an open-source software.
  • It is a simple tool to simulate the mouse movement.
  • This software is only available for Mac.

Download Jiggler For Mac


These auto mouse movers software can be used to move your mouse at a specific time interval to keep your screen active all the time.

Before you download any software, first check whether it is compatible with your system’s operating system or not. The software listed here has different operating compatibilities.

So, first, know your system requirement so that you can able to choose your suitable software. I prefer the Move Mouse and the Mouse Jiggler Software because they are simple to use.

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