Top 10 Asana Alternatives For Efficient Project Management

Are you looking for the best Asana alternatives to get the ideal one and manage your project team effectively? If yes, then you’re in the right place to know some exciting programs like Asana. 

Undoubtedly, Asana is one of the best project management tools available in the market, and it is the perfect tool with excellent features which makes managing project easy and hassle-free.

Asana tool allows simultaneous monitoring of the projects, and you can quickly get access to the task and relevant details. In fact, with the help of this excellent project management app, you can divide a job into subtasks, project sections and distribute it into multiple workspaces.

The best part about Asana is each member enjoys the flexibility to manage their task, prioritize their work, and fulfill their work commitments.

Asana has a lot to offer, but if you are still not much impressed with this team management app, you can try out these below mentioned 10 Asana alternatives that are loaded with features.

Without further ado, let’s check the programs like Asana. Based on the review and features, opt for the best which your business team needs.

Best Alternatives To Asana For Handling Your Team


1. Trello

Trello is the best replacement for Asana, and it is one of the best project management app available in the market. It is loaded with features and is easy to use. Trello can be used for individuals as well as of a business of any team size.

When it comes to analyzing the business plan of Trello, it is affordable for the business of any team size. The enterprise version is suitable for a project with multiple teams and enormous tasks.

Best Features

  • Efficient collaboration with various task and team members.
  • Easy integration of preferred app to consolidate data.
  • Best for all industry and project.
  • Highly flexible and simple.

Trello allows a lot to the user, and you can do almost everything when it comes to managing the project. It is the best replacement for Asana, and you may have a look at the war – Trello Vs. Asana

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2. Scoro

Scoro is a superbly designed project management app, which works as an all in one management tool that takes care of the entire project planning, tracking, billing, management of content, and lot more.

This Asana equivalent is a comprehensive business management tool which ensures the business runs well and each resource is used efficiently.

Best Features

  • The user can speed up the work by adding a task by themselves.
  • You also have an option to schedule the appointment on daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Get crucial details like time spent on a project, task visibility, calendar, etc.
  • Integrate the financial details so that you can get reliable financial reports about each project.
  • Scoro is ideal for small as well as medium business.

It is one of the best replacements for Asana. Be it managing the calendar or the customer relationship, and everything is easy with Scoro.

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3. Projectmanager

The Projectmanager is the best alternative to Asana, and it is a smart online project management software which helps you to schedule the various tasks and projects efficiently.

You can notice all the data, real-time development at the dashboard, and it lets you analyze overall time spend on every task.

Top Features

  • This tool is compatible with almost all the MS office tools which facilitate easy task management.
  • The user interface is friendly, easy to use, and gives details about the project plan and task.
  • This project management tool can be integrated with all the google tools.
  • is loaded with features that help to plan, track, and conduct various tasks in a project.
  • This tool gets updated automatically.

This site, like Asana, enables you to manage the projects and tasks on time. Everything is clear and hassle-free.

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4. ProWorkFlow

ProWorkFlow is a cost-effective tool like Asana. This app is leading the industry, all thanks to the excellent features which helps to manage the task, project, and workflow effortlessly.

Top Features

  • You can store all the information related to the project under one organized page; the drag and drop function is easy to use.
  • ProWorkFlow allows you to manage the workload and contacts. It also provides you an option to enable and disable permissions, critical data, etc.
  • Get instant alerts via notification; everything is trackable.
  • ProWorkFlow provides you an option to manage the time and various resolves, and the budgeting tool streamlines all the task and project smartly.
  • With business insights, you can make informed decisions.

Using ProWorkFlow is super simple; it is a smart replacement for Asana tool. With ProWorkFlow you can manage a small as well as big project with multiple team members.

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5. Quip

Are you looking for a reliable replacement of Asana? Add Quip into your list. Quip is an intuitive software which is easy to use and works as the best platform to manage the team, task, and the entire project.

The app contains integrated chat, documents, and task lists so that everything is transparent and easy to communicate.

Top Features

  • This platform is super easy to use, and you can smartly create public as well as private version. If you want to share critical resources with on few team member, that can be done with your text.
  • Mark your favorite folders to easily access and share the data among team members.
  • This app is fast as compared to other competitor tools.
  • It is easy to import the content and format it to generate a report.
  • Getting used to the platform is easy, that means you don’t need any training to get started.
  • You need to pay $30 each month to access Quip, and it works for a team size of five users.

Quip project management app consists of all the necessary user tool to create and edit the tasks, and you don’t need to deal with n number of emails or chats to get the work done on time.

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6. Basecamp

Looking for trusted project management apps similar to Asana? If yes, then Basecamp is an effect app which takes complete care of the team, tests, and projects in an organized fashion. This tool is fast, smart, and easy to access.

Top Features

  • With Basecamp you can create easy to access to-do list and share with the team members.
  • To check the efficiently of each resource, you can track down the time spend on each task.
  • The technical support team of Basecamp is excellent and responsive.
  • The user interface is intuitive, and the managing task is effortless.
  • Basecamp offers free plans for teachers and students.

Basecamp works similar to Asana, and it can be considered as the best replacement, you can efficiently manage all the data and organize so that each team member can access the data. Basecamp is a web-based tool; hence, it can be used anywhere.

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7. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is a smart and efficient tool which helps to plan and execute the work hassle-free. It is a well-designed tool which works as a great Asana substitute. You can track and manage the team that also includes staff visibility.

Top Features

  • The LiquidPlanner algorithm follows a priority-based resourcing.
  • You can notice the productivity of the team within a couple of hours after using the project management app.
  • You can analyze the efforts put on each task.
  • The tool is sophisticated and easy to use, an excellent option to manage big projects.
  • Features like predictive scheduling, dynamic collaboration, time, etc. improve works quality.

The cost of LiquidPlanner is high as compared to other project management tool but is a sophisticated tool and works great for the enterprise space.

Get LiquidPlanner  

8. Jira

Jira is another popular project management tool that is one of the fantastic apps similar to Asana. It was initially a bug tracking software, but now it is a full-fledged project management tool.

There is plenty of add ons in Jira, which makes it a practical choice to integrate hundreds of other tools.

Top Features

  • Jira is a powerful tool, easy to use, and highly flexible.
  • It allows an easy interface to add your issues and customize the fields. The interface provides drag and drop facility.
  • You can analyze the roadmaps of the project, and you can sketch out the plan and assign the tasks smartly to the team member.
  • Facility to add direct navigation path, you can resume working fast.

Jira works well for IT projects. It is a cheap project management tool which is available or $10 each month, it can be used by up to 10 users simultaneously.

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9. Wrike

Wrike is an expensive choice, but it is a program similar to Asana if your budget is flexible. The features like time tracking, real-time document collaboration, Gantt charts, etc. helps you to complete the project on time.

Top Features

  • It is a sophisticated tool with loads of features to manage the resource and tasks smartly.
  • With Wrike, you can analyze, get reports, statistics, manage resources, workflow efficiently.
  • The resource management and efficient task management feature ensure all the task is done on time.
  • With Wrike generate reports using real-time data.

Wrike offers a free trial version, and you can download the tool and gently manage various tasks, projects, and documents with all the team members.

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10. Taskworld

Taskworld is an ideal project management tool which can be used for small as well as large projects. This product, like Asana, enables the user to crackdown the tasks and projects with charts.

The interface can collaborate, and the team can also exchange creatives ideas; eventually, it adds more value to the final decision.

Top Features

  • The Taskworld consists of many well-designed templates which can be used to showcase the tasks and projects.
  • The user-friendly text editor helps to make quick work decision.
  • It offers easy drag and drops functionality.
  • You can configure the workflow to match the progress of the team.

Taskworld is one of the exceptional Asana alternatives; the visually appealing interface makes it the first best choice for all type of projects.

Get Taskworld

Wrapping Up The Asana Substitutes

There is no doubt about the proficiency of the Asana app, it is the best project management tool in the market, but these above mentioned ten project management apps are the best substitute for Asana.

These Asana similar apps work best even if you have a small or large team size. If you are skeptical about the tool, you can always download the trial version and keep a tab on the team’s progress.

Based on the features and budget of the team, select the best project management app to fulfill the work commitment, and efficiently manage the team and task. Everything is hassle-free with a smart project management app.

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