List of Artificial Intelligence Tools for Personal Use

Artificial Intelligence Tools for Personal Use

Are you looking for Artificial Intelligence tools for personal use?. Then this article helps you to find the List of AI tools the personal assistance on various platforms. Here, we have the seven tools that provide many advantages to its users based on their requirements. Personal uses like health care, search, and then application assistance. Moreover, they help in event scheduling and tour planning like outdoor activities.

The AI Tools help people with personal assistance in composing music and even time management with daily activity schedule. These AI-powered tools use to reduce time spent regulating the lifestyle. Moreover, artificial intelligence tools can schedule vacation trips and entertainment activity management. People use these AI tools for health, time, social intervention, and then daily entertainment planning. The AI personal assistant helps to plan the daily activities with intelligent alerts.

7 artificial intelligence tools for personal use to manage daily tasks

The personal use of every human has different. However, they take other professions and then live a unique lifestyle. Apart from work, everyone needs health care, a vacation plan, and then social interaction. Furthermore, their hobbies and interest can be different from their lifestyle. The entertainment, event planner, and then daily scheduling require spending more time in their life. These seven artificial intelligence tools for personal use save time building their career.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant helps wherever we are in. It is one of the best artificial intelligence tools for personal use like home and phone applications. The Google Assistant can do many this with the phone, watch, TV, speaker, and even in a car. It offers personal assistance, music, movies, and then entertainment. Moreover, it is a safe and secure platform to share and control our information. We can manage the task, plan the day and entertainment events, and then make memories with Google assistant.

Features of Google Assistant

  • We can use Google Assistant on any mobile phone with Android OS accessories.
  • Get hands-free around the house with speakers and these AI tools to access any device.
  • It is now available in cars with voice control in travel assistance with navigation.
  • TVs help watch favorite TV shows with discovery and then play movies as well.
  • Wearable like smartwatches helps to alert the daily schedule.

Mika Health AI Platform

Mika health is a monitoring and coaching platform for each person. The AI-powered tools help to track the distress and then symptoms. Moreover, it has coaching sessions with courses and videos. The daily checkup helps to track distress continuously. When the user crosses threshold levels, they have to receive a warning, and they can consult with the doctor. Furthermore, the coaching session has information and motivation from the expert psycho-oncologists. It helps the patients with regular exercise.

Features of Mika Health

  • Articles, videos, and exercises are available with the Mika health platform.
  • Mika is a smart app that helps to know about the disease, therapy, and personal details with data analysis.
  • The patients with chemotherapy achieved better results with this app.
  • It has the motivation course with regular exercise makes their situation better.
  • The Ongodigitrail and Sofia kit helps the patients with their diagnosis.  

Ironclad Contract Management

The Ironclad Contract Management tool helps in personal assistance with all the contract types. It uses to deal with Legal, Sales, HR, Marketing, and Finance contract management in one place. So, global business leaders use it as one of the better artificial intelligence tools for personal use to deal with contracts. Here, we can manage the digital business contracts in a single place. It helps to reduce 48 business hours into 24 hours. The AI-powered repository uses to secure business information.

Features of Ironclad Contract Management 

  • Faster legal binding with e-signature so we can process the deals quicker.
  • Fast and secure negotiation of contract closure is possible with Ironclad.
  • We can track the contract data on the dashboard with analytics.
  • Clickwrap used to agree with the contracts faster than ever.
  • It helps to centralize the sales process with RVSP.

Emma Travel Assistant

Emma Travel Assistant is one of the better artificial intelligence tools for personal use with travel schedules. It helps to add driving time automatically into our daily calendar. We can get the journey information in the calendar itself. We can manage the calendar with appointment booking and remember alerts. Emma worked on three occasions traveling to customers, delivering to customers, and working remotely. Moreover, we can file accurate traveling times with a Microsoft calendar.

Features of Emma Travel Assistant

  • Emma used to schedule the time management with meeting buffer time.
  • Customers can directly book appointments in the calendar with added buffer time.
  • It helps in virtual meeting assistance like Zoom and Google meet.
  • It uses intelligent scheduling for appointments with travel and extra time.
  • It saves time in arranging meetings and planning for the trip as well.
  • It provides a personalized schedule in the inbox.

Siri -Artificial intelligence tools for personal use

Siri is an iPhone application that helps to do everyday tasks with voice control. It has the privacy of a person with an intelligent assistant. We can set a reminder without raising our hands to control devices in the home. The Siri car play helps with better travel assistance. It gives the direction to travel and reach the destination safer. The site tracking helps to track the event like workouts and music listening. Moreover, we can multitask without any problem. So we can use it in the kitchen to prepare food.

Features of Siri

  • It is voice control over a device by setting the alarm, light on, and turns off.
  • The music application can be controlled using the Siri app.
  • It is a highly secure, most private digital assistant.
  • We can use this app for the everyday task, home control, navigation, and maps.
  • We can schedule to track the sports, movie, and TV events with Siri.

Bizzabo Event Management

The Bizzabo Event Management is the modern way to build better events. It is one of the better artificial intelligence tools for personal use with human experience. It is the data-driven open platform for managing events, engaging audiences, and growing communities. We can manage the event from in-person events to virtual executive submissions. The entire event has been created using a single platform. It engages the audiences wherever they live in. Moreover, it helps to grow communities for business developments.

Features of Bizzabo

  • It helps to build multi-day schedules to create stunning event websites.
  • We can make a better connection with the event attendees.
  • The integrated OS helps to analyze the event, data, and then experience.
  • It helps conduct conferences, marketing, internal, and then webinars.

24 Me Smart Personal Assistant

Twenty-four.Me is the smart personal assistant artificial intelligence tool for everyone. It is an easy-to-use, powerful app to schedule our time in one place. We can manage calendars, to-do lists, notes, and personal accounts with the app. Moreover, the mobile application helps to remind the personal details and most advanced to-do list. It is one of the best artificial intelligence tools for personal use.

Features of 24.Me Smart Personal Assistant 

  • It offers great attention to entrepreneurs and technology professionals.
  • The sophisticated calendar helps into remained tasks, events, and notes.
  • The to-do list includes color labels, multiple reminders, etc.
  • The smart alert helps to manage the time in the meeting.
  • The micro gifting automatically tells about special events.

Conclusion – Best artificial intelligence tools for personal use

By wrapping up a list of artificial intelligence tools for personal use, these tools help to schedule daily activities. Moreover, event planning, health monitoring, and coaching programs help better assist patients. Furthermore, the travel assistance AI tool helps to plan vacation trips and tour events. The voice control application helps to manage home appliances without using hands.

In the end, Google Assistant is one of the good artificial intelligence tools for personal use. We can use it in mobiles, TVs, Speakers, and wearables to manage daily tasks. We can track the time scheduling with reminders and alerts. Moreover, We can use the Google Assistant in cars for travel assistance with AI support to reach the destination.

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