9 Best Apps for Knocking Out Your Undesirable Habits

apps for bad habit

Bad habits form with time. When we repeatedly practice a single action, we get used to the tradition, and we end up being enslaved to keep practicing the habit. Removing or changing the bad habits takes more energy than willpower for us to overcome the bad practices.

Some of the people are addicted to smoking, while some are alcohol addicts. The behavior takes root, and the addicted person will find it hard to quit the drugs besides understanding the consequences that face them. You can get help with college homework if you want to spend more time improving your lifestyle during tough college years.

Human beings cannot eliminate bad habits, but they can replace them with good habits. When a person tries to stop the bad habits, they will feel a gap that needs to be replaced. The person trying to eliminate bad habits may return to their old habits to fill the void that is present to reduce stress.

Human beings need to find new patterns that will fill a gap created when they want to replace bad habits. Different apps can help us to counter our addictions. Let’s see what are those!

Top 9 Resources To Help You Get Rid Of Your Bad Habits


Do you suffer from procrastination? Worry not; the app is there for you, most people like postponing their current work to a future date. The app was designed at Folkwang University in Germany. The device is a large wooden wheel that rotates every day and is numbered for a month.

The gadget contains a magnetic disk where you write down any task that you wish to complete. When a day passes, a disk drops to indicate the job to be undertaken during the specific time. The user will remember the work that they should do during that day. 

Stay focused

The google chrome extension restricts a person from wasting their time on websites that are unproductive for them. You select the time that you spend on a particular website. 


The extension is found in google chrome and is the best for goal setters. There are different methods of changing the themes of the webpage of the tabs. The themes vary from inspirational quotes, to-do lists, and images that inspire them to keep on moving. 

Build confidence

Some people need to build confidence and clear their minds to be effective in carrying out their duties. The experts created an app called build confidence to help people to do their work effectively and also doze off at the right time. 


Most smokers are addicted to cigarettes which is harmful to the human body. Many smokers are aware of the effects of smoking, but addiction as a lifestyle enslaves many of the smokers to continue smoking.  The e-cigarettes consist of vegetable flavor, some added flavor, and propylene glycol. The technology helps smokers to mimic smoking without inhaling nicotine. 

Smart Bracelets

The intelligent bracelets are worn to control repeated toxic behaviors. The wearer’s activities are monitored by sensors found in the bracelets. The bracelet vibrates when you repeat the same behavior severally. 


The ever-evolving technology is an improvement of how human beings live their lives. The apps above are evolutionary because people deal with their tedious habits within a small range of time. I hope it will help you get rid of your bad habits. Do you have any better suggestions? If yes, share it in the comment section.

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