7 Best AI Video Generators to Create Short Videos for Marketing and Promo

AI video generators

Are you looking for the best AI video generators from text, canvas, and templates?. This artificial intelligence (AI) based Video makers help create videos quicker with video editing options. It is easy to create Tik-ToK, youtube, and social sharing videos using an AI video generator from images. Moreover, Video optimization for the different video-sharing websites are the advanced feature of these AI video generators. C

The AI video maker helps influencers, educators, and start-ups to create videos for Instagram and Facebook. We can easily convert the content into many languages with the best AI video generators for free. The import and export option helps to edit the video even after download. Content marketing and brand awareness can do quickly with AI-based video generators. Create high-quality videos are created in a lesser budget and minimal time. 

Top AI Video generators To Create Videos Quickly

Here we list the best AI video generators for creating entertaining videos, training videos, and then marketing videos. These videos are created from text and even from the available image in galleries. Many video templates in the AI video maker help in video creation simple. Corporate communication and learning videos are created instantly in more than 50 languages. The different video-making template helps the video-making process much quicker than expected.

1. InVideo.io

InVideo is one of the best AI video generators that helps to create powerful videos using customizable templates. It provides great video editing features like trim, crop, and transitions. These features can help in classy and elegant video generations. We can create videos with audio editing options which enable a soundtrack for voiceover. More than 40 plus animation effects are available while making videos from the text. 

The AI-powered video making starts from a blank canvas with a video editor. Moreover, we can create text to video from 50 plus available themes for video generations. It will be done in three steps, pick a template, add the text with the theme, and the AI generator will do the rest. Invideo helps create ads, promos, youtube and intro videos in minutes with 5000 plus customizable templates.

Features of InVideo

  • We can create short videos for ads, promos, offers, branding, and then business promotions instantly with unique templates.
  • The flimr mobile application is available to create videos from mobile and tablets.
  • InVideo uses an online video maker, intro maker, outro maker, video ads maker, and then youtube intro maker for short video generation.
  • Youtube channels, Instagram, and Facebook community are available for learning about video making.
  • Live chat and webinar support is available with different plans.

2. Designs.ai

Designs.ai video maker is the best video creation tool for generating text to videos with AI in a few minutes. The AI writing tools help in creating the article then we can convert it to video. It is one of the best AI video generators to create videos with Logo, design, and then speech-making software. Moreover, This video maker has a color matcher, graphics maker, and font pair tools to generate amazing videos smarter and faster. The wide use of advanced machine learning technology focuses on time-saving and accuracy in video making. It helps accuracy in automatic scene creation and content strategies in video creation.

Features of Designs.ai

  • Designs.ai has the largest library of asserts with quality Images, audio files, and voices in 20 plus languages.
  • The special effects in video editing, such as transition and animation, are available for elegant videos.
  • An online video editor is available with real-time monitoring of changes.
  • Easy project collaboration with one-click video sharing options.
  • We can optimize the videos to upload on all platforms like youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TiK TOK, etc.

3. FlexClip AI video generator

The FlexClip is the best platform to create online videos with full editing features. It is one of the best free AI video generators online for making promo, real estate, news, corporate, trailer, and tutorial videos for the business category. We can also create lifestyle videos and social sharing videos for entertainment. We easily edit videos for the brand, social, marketing, and entertainment videos with Flexclip. It uses thousands of templates for video making, or we can create videos from scratch.

Features of FlexClip

  • Felxclip uses many tools in video generation, such as slideshow, meme generator, and gif maker.
  • Many animated text elements are available for video generation, with many stocks asserting quicker video creation.
  • Multiple video editing tools like trim, merge, compress, and then convert features is available.
  • Rich animated videos are created using dynamic text, overlay, widgets, Logo and other elements,
  • HD media stocks are available in the library for faster video making.
  • It has easy to use video editor with customization and export options.

4. Lumen5

Lumen5 is one of the best Ai video generators to create a business video for content marketing. We can achieve brand awareness by making short business videos with Lumen5 video maker. Moreover, It helps create photo videos, youtube videos, Instagram, promo, Ads, and social promotion videos with its video-making tools. We can edit videos and voiceover options with unique drag and drop templates. It helps in transforming blog posts into videos using AI video-making options.

Features of Lumen5

  • Lumen5 has a content library with millions of stock photos and videos.
  • Many customizable templates are available with audio and video clips for AI-powered video making.
  • We can explore many forms of videos for marketing, communication, promotional, and then people culture with faster video generation.
  • Customer success stories can be shared using video-making tools.
  • It helps amplify brand awareness with content marketing video generation with AI support.

5. Synthesia.io

Synthesia.io is the best AI video generator for creating studio class videos. We can instantly create videos for training, how-to, and sales pitches with Synthesia. Moreover, It provides a video creation studio at the browser level. We have 25 plus templates for creating videos instantly with AI power. It is three steps: select an avatar, type in a text, and generate a video in minutes. The tool helps in learning and development, communication, and then explainer videos. We can create these videos in more than 60mplus languages with synthesia.

Features of Synthesia.io

  • All in one video protection tool with a screen recorder, text-to-speech engines, Ai avatars, and templates.
  • Forty-five plus built-in avatars help create videos for learning, communication, and then explainers.
  • Custom avatars can be created using the video creation studio
  • We can generate AI videos in 60 plus languages with many templates.

6. Woxo.tech

Woxo.tech is one of the best Ai video generators available for making videos and social content faster. The Woo tool helps to reduce the number of hours spent in social content creation with video-making softwares. We can bulk create video content to put in every single day on social platforms easier with Woo. It has to choose available video templates with preference in video editing features. We have a catalog of templates to create animated videos for social sharing and business promotions.

Features of Woxo.tech

  • It helps in creating custom branding to create videos with customization features.
  • Woo provides team collaboration options for video editing and generations with spreadsheets.
  • Social content Video widgets are available for Youtube, Instagram, Tik ToK, Facebook, and Twitter with carousals and then grid templates.
  • We can make videos for different user cases such as entertainment, travel, business promo, communication, etc.
  • It helps to add personalization videos with landing pages.

7. Rawshorts

The Rawshorts AI video maker helps create animated videos by transforming the text. It is one of the best AI video generators to make explainer videos. It uses spreadsheets to make a video from texts. The stock videos and video templates help quicker video making with this AI-powered video generation tool. Video making and Video automation are possible with the Rawshorts video-making platform. Promo and animated videos are created using a video maker. Moreover, Video automation helps as AI text video generator free, blog post to video, and text video maker for explainers.

Features of Rawshorts

  • Instantly create animated videos from text and video drafts in seconds.
  • It can scale and analyze the video script using machine language to generate videos.
  • We can assemble video outlines with video stocks and then animation effects.
  • Drag and drop editor helps edit and instant draft the videos with every adjustment.
  • Save time on AI power video making with a royalty-free media library. 

Conclusion – Best AI Video generators

By wrapping up the best AI video generators, we can make instant promotional videos , intro videos, video ads, entertainment videos, and communication videos. These AI-powered video generation tools have many templates with photos, video clips, and audio files in their library. So we can save time in generating instant videos for social sharing. Moreover, the animation effects with a drag and drop video editor help make elegant videos.

We have different AI power video generator reviews in the above list to create videos from text, blog posts, canvas, and templates. With leadership thoughts, we can quickly do the bulk video making for content marketing and product promotion. In the end, InVideo and Flexclip are the best AI video generators for marketing videos with social sharing content.

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