How To Access Blocked Websites On Mac?

The Apple Mac is renowned for its privacy and security, the websites are blocked to safeguard the user data from malicious attacks through the internet.

Browsing the potentially unwanted or banned websites will be blocked by the Terminal Application in the Mac OS X, which is done by editing the host files to point the website address to an address that isn’t valid making the website inaccessible.

The websites which have been blocked by this way can be unblocked with editing the host file.

Other than this, the websites can be found blocked by network providers, routers and Wi-Fi networks due to various reasons like the website might be banned or found unsafe.

These websites could be accessed by connecting to some other network or by using VPN Applications that provides the user a virtual point to point connection through tunneling protocols and dedicated connections.

The VPN or Virtual Private Network can indulge over the geo-restrictions that have been put up by the internet providers or the governments.

Even if your Mac System is enabled with Parental Control Settings, the potentially harmful websites or the Adult Content websites cannot get viewed.

These restrictions could be bypassed by opting out from the built-in Parental Control options in the Settings on your Mac OS. Also, ensure if you have installed any parental control software in your PC.

If you have got these problems while browsing the internet, then you could continue reading the guide to access the blocked websites on Mac OS.

3 Ways To Browse The Blocked Websites On Mac


1. Editing Host File

The Websites doesn’t show if it has been blacklisted in the Host File of the Mac System, so you need to edit the file and grant access by following the below steps given.

Step 1: First of all click on the “Finder” icon from the dock located at the bottom of your Mac screen.

Step 2: Then, locate and click on the “Applications” from Finder window, then choose the “Utilities” folder and open “Terminal” application.

Step 3: Now, you need to type the command in the terminal,

sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

Press Return (Enter) key. If you have the admin password, type it. But you can’t see the typed password. Now again press “Return” key.

Step 4: The hosts’ file will open in a terminal nano text editor. Using the arrow keys find the blocked website address in the text editor.

Step 5: Now, you need to move the text cursor towards the beginning of the line of the blocked website.

Step 6: Just type a #symbol there to comment out the line, hence the system will ignore it as a comment line in the host file.

Step 7: To save the edited file, first press Ctrl+O and then press Enter key.

2. Remove From Mac System Parental Controls

The parental control setting can be changed from the System Preferences, you need to have an Administrator Account to change the settings.

Most of the Mac OS X version will have the Parental Control application with a Yellow icon.


Uncheck the parental control box and also the websites or applications or content specific controls.

3. Using VPN Applications

This is the simple and easiest method to access the website without any confusing tasks, only you need to have a VPN user account.

The VPN is the most preferred choice over using browser add-ons and extensions that doesn’t give you the best result.

Virtual Private Network bypasses your system network with a virtually existing server and grants you access to some other geo-location so that you could enjoy browsing the web with no restrictions. 

It also provides features like ad-blocking, no log, high-speed locations, data compression, and much more for best user experience.

The VPN services are available for free of cost and paid one, you can go for subscribing the VPN if you look forward to enjoy seamless connectivity with complete support from the provider.

The VPN Software’s are available for various platforms including the Mac, I have previously discussed more the VPN applications and the List of Best VPN services available for the Mac OS.

Wrapping Up

These are the preferred and easiest method to browse the blocked websites on Mac OS. I would suggest you get a VPN Service for the quickest solution to browse the web at no risk, if you have any other option then share it with me in the comments section. 

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