7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins with Restore Options

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

The best WordPress backup plugins help to take the entire WordPress site backup with restore options. Nowadays, most WordPress hosting services provide backup and restore options to avoid website damage during cyber-attacks. We can easily recover using the hosting control panel backups. Apart from that, we have many external WordPress website backup plugins to automatically schedule backup for the database and the entire website.

Moreover, when we migrate websites from one hosting service to another hosting service provider, the backup plugins play a vital role. During the migration, compressed back helps to transfer the data faster into a new hosting account with high security. Furthermore, we can transfer the website without loss of data. Here we have the seven best WordPress backup and restore plugins to help migration as well as scheduled backups.

Top 7 WordPress backup Plugins to Avoid Data Loss

The WordPress backup plugins should have both database backup and entire website backup, including media files. Moreover, it should take back hidden files in the hosting account. Some plugins provide one-click restore options with the same hosting service provider. And secured FTP transfer of the file to another hosting account during the migration. WordPress backup plugins’ essential features are cloud backup, migration services, and automatic scheduling.

1. BackWPup the best WordPress Backup plugin

BackWPup is one of the best WordPress backup plugins for WordPress with external storage options. We can use dropbox, amazon S3 and SFTP to store the entire backup data collected using the backWPup plugin. Moreover, we can take database backup at a scheduled interval. The backup zip file is easily installed in another hosting account for complete website recovery with WP content. We can optimize the database before taking the backup, which also helps repair the database. It helps to take back up in multiple formats such as Zip, tar, and tar.gz.

Features of BackWPup

  • It is the free WordPress backup plugin. It is available in the plugin directory.
  • We can store WordPress backups in the cloud, such as S3, Google Cloud, etc.
  • It helps to store the backup in a local HD drive and Dropbox as well.
  • We can easily restore the backup in a few clicks from the WordPress backend.
  • Secured backup is available with encryption and decryption.

2. BackupBuddy

The BackupBuddy is one of the best WordPress backup plugins for entire site backup. Using the backup buddy WordPress plugin, we can secure our website data from malware attacks, bad commands, deleted files, hacks, server crashes, and user errors. It provides a complete WordPress website backup, including the database and all WP files. Moreover, the scheduled automatic back options can take backup easily to the destined location. We can also store the WordPress websites in the off-site location. Furthermore, we can quickly restore the website with a few clicks.

Features of BackuBuddy

  • It will back up the entire WordPress website with pages, comments, widgets, and media files.
  • The entire site backup is available in downloadable Zip format.
  • Automatic scheduled backup is possible with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly options.
  • Instant email notification of backup complete and recovery options.
  • The WordPress Database rollback option is available with BackupBuddy.

3. BlogVault

Blogvault is the best WordPress backup plugins to take critical WordPress business websites with restore options. We can recover websites in minutes during cyber-attacks. Incremental backup is available with one click recovery. It helps to successfully backup and restore the website in various hosting services. So, WordPress migration has easily done using the blog vault WordPress backup plugin. It helps business websites with no downtime issues during malware attacks and server crashes.

Features of Blogvault Plugin

  • It offers enterprise-grade data security for website backup.
  • Moreover, reliable restore options are available with a few clicks.
  • It helps to provide staging for back and restore during the website migration.
  • Blogvault helps to protect the website during cyber-attack and hacking hours.
  • Advanced monitoring with real-0time backup options for eCommerce websites helps never to lose a single customer.

4. Updraftplus

Updraftplus is the right WordPress backup and restores plugins with clone options. It helps to protect the website from hacking, server crashes, and dodgy websites. Easy-to-use plugin interface with backup and restore with scheduling options. It is the general purpose backup plugin with advanced tools. We can perform a scheduled backup with WordPress files, databases, and plugins. We can set up hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly scheduled backups with the Updraftplus plugin. Moreover, website cloning and migration are possible with the Updraftplus plugin.

Features of Updraftplus Plugin

  • An incremental backup option can take backup with any image or other file uploaded to the server.
  • It creates a backup automatically before any plugin and themes update.
  • We can easily backup non-WordPress files and databases.
  • Backup and time scheduling options are available to develop, retain and delete backups.
  • Moreover, we can run backups from WP-CLI commands.

5. WP Duplicator Pro

WP Duplicator Pro is one of the best WordPress plugins for website migration and scheduled backups. The automated scheduled backup uses to recover from failures. A simple drag-and-drop procedure is available to migrate the website to an empty directory and overwrite it with the existing website. Moreover, cloud backup is possible with dropbox, Google drive, S3, and SFTP. Cloud storage is available with secured API connections.

Features of WP Duplicator Pro

  • Direct server transfer is possible with WP Duplicator pro.
  • The drag and drop migration setup helps to take backup with simple restore options.
  • We can limit the number of stored backups to local and then cloud storage.
  • Email notifications are available with backup issues.
  • Moreover, premium support is available for website migration to various hosts.  

6. WP Vivid Plugin

WP Vivid Plugin is the right WordPress backup plugin to take the entire site backup with restore options. It is an all-in-one backup and migration plugin for WordPress websites. It provides faster migration and backup solutions for agencies and freelancers. Moreover, the staging pro-add-on is available for secured website migration without affecting the website’s live performance. Furthermore, image optimization methods help to convert WebP images for better performance.

Features of WP Vivid Plugin

  • It has an easy-use setup with advanced backup options.
  • The powerful custom features help to include and exclude files and then folders during the backup process.
  • The site-to-site migration is possible with WP vivid plugin, and then remote storage backup is available.
  • Scheduled and incremental backup is available with restore options.
  • Cloud storage is available with automatic backup options.

7. BoldGrid WP Backup plugin

WP Backup plugin from the bold grid is one of the best WordPress backup plugins that helps to protect the website with automated backups. Moreover, remote backup is possible with Amazon s3, Google Drive, and FTP/SFTP. A safe and consistent backup is possible with a scheduled backup. Automatic site protection is possible with restore backup options. Easy site migration is available with magic link options.

Features of Boldgrid WP Backup Plugin

  • It helps to fix the clashed websites in a minute using the WP backup plugin.
  • The total Upkeep is the premium plugin for backup into third-party websites with encryption.
  • Customized backup options are available.
  • Remote storage options are available with S3, Google Cloud, and FTP/SFTP.
  • We can take database backups with browsers using this plugin.

Conclusion – Best WordPress Backup Plugins

By wrapping up the best WordPress backup plugins, these plugins use to create a scheduled backup with one-click restore options. Moreover, we can also create a remote backup with Google cloud, S3, and Local drive. We can create an automated backup for the database and entire WordPress website files. The custom options help to include or exclude files in the backup process.

In the end, BackWPup is one of the best WordPress plugins for backup and restoring with external storage options. We can store the backup on the cloud and local drive with a secured FTP connection. Moreover, the encrypted options are for secured data transfer for remote storage. Furthermore, we can restore an encrypted backup with simple clicks using the BackWpup plugin.

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