7 Best Addons for Elementor Page Builder

Best Addons for Elementor

Are you looking for the best Addons for the Elementor page builder? The Elementor is one of the best WordPress page builders to create stunning websites for business and personal websites. Moreover, Elementor uses widgets to extend its features for creating websites. Apart from those available features for a website design, Elementor uses addons for special features inclusion. So, developers can easily design stunning designs with the help of Elementor addons.

Moreover, we can use some essential addons with completely customizable options. It has the best Elements library with eighty-plus elements and extensions. This page builder uses 2500 plus blocks and starter templates for easy website design. Furthermore, 50 plus widgets are available in the essential addons. It includes post grid and page customization, contact forms, and woocommerce operations with social sharing options.

Seven best Addons for Elementor page builder

Here, we have seven addons for Elementor page builders to create stunning websites. Moreover, Elementor has a pro version with a slider and product gallery for eCommerce websites. The cart and mailer addons are available for customer relationship management on Woocommerce websites. The starter templates available in elementor uses to build niche-based websites with one click import. So, we can create online stores in different categories using starter templates.

1. Ultimate Addon for Elementor

The ultimate addon for elementor provides widgets, templates, and blocks all in one place to create elegant websites. It has forty-plus widget elements for designing stunning websites with customization. Moreover, hundred plus website templates are available with highly customizable options. So, designers can use a faster workflow to develop websites for business and personal use. Furthermore, 200 plus pre-built section blocks are available to achieve a unique design for our website.

Features of Ultimate addon for Elementor

  • Ultimate add is the growing elementor library of creative and unique widgets.
  • Pre-built website templates are available with a hundred plus professional designs.
  • We can copy elementor design from one domain to another.
  • It helps fast websites load with lightweight templates.
  • Moreover, the page builder makes mega menu and woo commerce websites available.

2. Toolkit for Elementor

The Toolkit for Elementor is one of the best addons for elementor page builders. We can build lighter elementor with more than twenty performance tweaks. It is the best-recommended addon for website performance improvements. Moreover, regular updates help to improve the website performance with elementor core. This addon uses to pass the core web vitals score in google page insights. So, we can achieve the best values for FID, LCP, and CLS. Furthermore, we can easily share the templates with secured login access.

Features of Toolkit for Elementor

  • It is the performance improvement addon for elementor.
  • We can pass core web vitals to create fast-loading websites.
  • Premium live chat support helps improve the website speed with images, CSS, and Javascript optimization.
  • The database cleaner helps to optimize the database with a few clicks.
  • The WP core manager helps optimize plugins and themes without automatic updates.

3. Element Pack Addons for Elementor

The element pack is the better elementor addon used to create a header and footer with templates library. Moreover, Grid, carousal, table, parallax animation, and registration form widgets can help to design eCommerce websites for online stores. The elementor pack has more than 50 plus essential elements for website creation. The drag and drop website builder helps to customize the addon according to the website’s needs.

Features or Elements pack addon

  • Elements pack lite has an accordion design for the elementor page builder.
  • Gallery, feature box, and image magnifier like core widgets are available for a lifetime.
  • We can add third-party widgets for form creation, such as contact form, Everest form, etc.
  • Free extensions are available for special effects like floating, overlay, and gridline.
  • The template library is available with core design widgets.

4. PowerPack

PowerPack addon for Elemetor is the best–suited choice for creating woo commerce websites with performance improvements. It has 30 plus free elementor widgets, and we can extend it to 60 plus for eCommerce websites. It helps to create a pricing table with the form stylers widget. Moreover, Instagram feed and elementor templates help to provide social sharing for eCommerce product promotion. The powerpack add has customizable widgets with white-label branding. It has fast and lightweight templates for better performance.

Features of PowerPack

  • Divider, counter, dual heading, and image hotspot widget help achieve a better design with faster performance.
  • Creative extensions are available for animated background effects.
  • Moreover, it uses a popup box, pagination, and image slider gallery with better performance in the pro version.
  • The template library is available to achieve unique designs.
  • woocommerce widgets and schema markup is available with better performance.

5. Elements Kit

The Elements kit is one of the best addons for elementor page builders to create a website with header and footer builder. Moreover, it uses a mega menu builder with a free elementor widget and template library. So, we can create a stunning designs for niche websites with unique designs for the header and footer. Apart from that, this addon has 43 plus widgets for building personal and business websites. Page scroll, sticky, and parallax effects can be achieved using the elemetskit addon.  

Features of Elements Kit

  • It has a header, footer, widget builder, and then mega menu builder with vertical and horizontal menu options.
  • 45 plus pre-designed header and footer widgets are available.
  • The layout kit library is available with 400 plus design sections.
  • Completely customizable widgets with woocommerce functions.
  • The SVG and animation icons are available with this addon.

6. Elemailer lite

The Elemailer Lite is one of the best addons for elementor page builder to create websites with marketing campaign builder. It uses email templates for marketing campaign creations. The drag and drop page builder helps to use stunning email templates for campaign building. We can create an email campaign without adding any HTML code by using the Elemailer lite addon.

Features of Elemailer Lite

  • We can create email templates using drag and drop elementor builder.
  • Contact form 7 support is available to create email templates.
  • Marketer use elemailer lite addon for email campaign creations.
  • We can add woocommerce emails with the elementor pro version.
  • It helps to import lists and subscribers with email statistics.

7. The Plus Addon

The plus addon is the best addon for elementor page builder with a complete toolkit to create websites. It is the most extensive addon with 120 plus widgets for website design. We can create a horizontal, vertical mega menu with mobile menu options. Moreover, a complete woocommerce store builder is available with AJAX effects for customer responses. Furthermore, the ultimate popup builder is available with off-canvas and slide-in options.

Features of The Plus Addon for Elementor

  • It uses advanced display conditions for woocommerce product display with carts.
  • Login and registration form is available to create subscription-based websites.
  • We have full-page scrolling with animation effects.
  • It has smart, optimized CSS, JS, and HTML codes.
  • In-built lazy loading helps to add quality product images with faster performance.
  • Product listing with different display options on online store websites.

Conclusion – Best Addons for Elementor Page builder

Wrapping up the best addons for Elemetor page builder helps create elegant personal and business websites. These addons use design widgets that allow the developer to achieve quicker design for niche websites. Moreover, we can create woocomerce online store websites with high-quality images and better product display with elementor addons. The form builder helps to create registration forms for subscription websites with customer management.

Ultimately, we have the seven best addons for elementor page builder. They help to design stunning websites faster with customizable websites. Moreover, the starter templates from the elementor template library reduce developer work to create better websites. The header, footer, widget, and form builder helps to create woocommerce websites with slider and grid display effects using elementor addons.

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