7 Best 3D VR Boxes To Buy At An Affordable Price In 2019

If you’ve been looking, out for the best 3D VR Box over the past few months and have concluded that all you are getting is highly priced VR boxes which are exceeding your budget, then don’t worry! 

There are several high-quality 3D VR Box gadgets available at affordable prices. You can get them in online e-commerce sites like Amazon. 

This blog post shows you all the high-quality 3D VR headsets at affordable prices. I’ve tried my best to compile this list of Best 3D VR Box in 2019. 

Virtual Reality has been a favorite word in the 21st Century. You can find tons of companies trying virtual reality boxes on their products to merely attract their visitors.

For example, McDonald’s has been trying out the Happy Meal boxes which double up as VR Boxes in Sweden and Coca-Cola has been working on its recyclable cardboard which turns into VR headsets.

Now, by seeing this, you might get overwhelmed because it may new to you. So, let me speak precisely what is virtual reality and what are 3D VR boxes.

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is all about replicating some of the human senses like touch, hearing, smell, and mostly Visuals. It is a computer-generated simulation, which delivers a three-dimensional image or the environment.

For users, this image can be interacted in a real or physical way by using a device such as a helmet with a small VR screen inside, and you can even find sensors on it.

In general, not every device has these many features, but you can find any of these in the Virtual Reality devices.
Now, most of you got a clear view of Virtual Reality right.

Let us get into the list of Best 3D VR Boxes to experience great virtual reality experience.

7 Best 3D VR Box At Affordable Prices

All these virtual reality boxes are taking into consideration by having a glance at its features, prices, and reviews in the Amazon.

As you are searching for the best and affordable 3d VR Box in your budget, you can make use of this list to grab the best and high-quality gadget. 


1. Procus Pro 3D VR Box 

Procus Pro is one of the best 3D VR Boxes that is available at the affordable prices in the Amazon Store. This is a 3D VR Box, which is inspired by the top Virtual Reality VR headsets Google Cardboard, and the Oculus Rift.

This VR Box has built-in Headphones that has decent bass and treble. Procus pro has a touch button and volume control options to operate the 3D VR Box efficiently.

The Procus lenses are providing 100-200 FOV which is practically a large field vision, and it helps you to reduce the eye fatigue even when you watch the screen for the more extended period. You can happily enjoy the 3D VR experience in this device without any trouble.

As this Procus pro has knobs on both sides of the headphones, they can be customized. You can even replace them with other ones according to your VR needs to get the best possible experience. You can quickly watch 3D movies, 360-Degree photos, videos, and more with this special Procus Pro 3D VR Box.

Coming to the trust factor, this device is having a good number of Ratings in Amazon.

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”https://www.amazon.in/Procus-PRO-Black-Headset-Experience/dp/B01I1S4F9O/” icon=”” target=”true”]Check Procus Pro 3D VR Box Price[/button]

2. Aura VR Pro VR Headset 

If you are searching for a 3D VR Box with remote control, then Aura VR Pro would be the best fit for your requirements. It is one of the best and lightweight VR headsets.

Aura VR Pro VR design is inspired by the design of Google Cardboard, Oculus Right and Samsung Gear VR. This device supports all types of Smartphones. You can fit in a 3.5 inches smartphones to 6 inches smartphone in this Headset easily.

The best thing about this Aura VR pro is you can use it on your Glasses as well. Apart from that, you can even adjust the interpupillary distance of the goggles between the screen and the lens as well for better-focused visuals.

Aura VR Pro comes with the removable front lid and air vents for easy controlling the heat. As the headset is detachable, you will have no worries about heating issues.

With this excellent 3D VR box, you can get a free VR gaming controller to control your headset quickly. Apart from that, you can even take selfies with the help of Bluetooth Clicker. So with all these added features, this is one of the best 3D VR Box to buy in 2018.

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”https://www.amazon.in/AuraVR-Pro-Headset-Remote-Controller/dp/B01FQY1DNC/” icon=”” target=”true”]Check Aura VR Pro VR Headset Price[/button]

3. Irusu Play VR (Magnetic Clicker)

Irusu Play is one of the best devices, which is quickly sold out at Amazon. The sales of this VR device is higher just because of its lowest price and better quality.

The Irusu Play VR best part is it is capable of blocking all the electromagnetic radiations. So, it will be useful for everyone as it protects your eyes.

This Irusu play is another best 3D VR Box you should be considering in 2019. This great VR headset has a magnetic clicker, which is useful for triggering actions while playing VR games or by using VR apps.

The distance between the pupil and the lens can be adjusted according to your requirements freely. You don’t have to face any problem with this type of VR headset.

You can use this device for watching amazing 3D movies and Games and other 3D videos with the best head-mounted display. This device generally supports smartphones from 4.5 to 6 inches in length. It is compatible with both the IOS and Android Devices.

As I said, the ratings of this device are a bit higher because of the sales. If you are really on a budget, then it is the best option for you. Hurry up and make use of Amazon Lightning deal to grab this device for the excellent price.

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”https://www.amazon.in/Irusu-headset-Upgraded-Adjustable-Magnetic/dp/B019GVRMH2/” icon=”” target=”true”]Check Irusu Play VR Price[/button]

4. My VR Headset Infinity 

My VR Headset is one of the best 3D VR boxes which is mostly loved by smartphone lovers. If you are good at attending calls and don’t want to miss any calls means you can use MY VR headset.

This My VR Headset infinity is a special VR headset that helps you to enjoy the VR experience without missing any calls. My VR headset has a call-answering button where you can answer your calls.

It is also having a wireless sound headset and 120-degree FOV to help to answer calls. This Device generally supports all the mobile devices with screen size ranges from 4.5 inches smartphone to 6.2 inches smartphone.

My VR headset comes with some fantastic features that no other VR products are providing. However, the downsides of this device are dominating the plus points; that’s why this is in between my list of top 3D VR box.

The only downside of this headset is its excessive weight from other VR devices. Although this is slightly weighted than others, it causes slight uncomfortably for average users because of slight overweight. If you can cope up with the weight means, you can quickly pick this device and enjoy the VR Experience.

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”https://www.amazon.in/My-VR-INFINITY-New-2017-Cardboard/dp/B01N2Z48WO/” icon=”” target=”true”]Check My VR Headset Infinity Price[/button]

5. Ocular Swift Adjustable VR Headset

The Ocular Swift 3D VR box is one of the best-priced gadgets you will get on the Amazon Ecommerce store. I have specially booked this Adjustable VR headset just for Rs899 only in Amazon Lightening deals.

This device comes with a sufficiently flexible design, so you can easily adjust the lens distance as per your requirement. Ocular Swift Device is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. It supports smartphones with a screen size of 4.5 to 6 inches.

This device is having 42MM high-quality lens so that you can enjoy real HD IMAX experience and you can even experience 3D and the best 360-Degree Video Experience very easily.

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”https://www.amazon.in/Adjustable-Virtual-Reality-Headset-Smartphones/dp/B076CJ3W8L/” icon=”” target=”true”]Check Ocular Swift VR Headset Price[/button]

6. Irusu Monster VR 

As I said, earlier Irusu is one of the best company, which has the maximum amount of sales on the online platform just because of its reasonable rates and features. The Irusu Monster is another model from the Irusu Company.

This VR headset comes with a big polarized 42MM HD lenses. These lenses are calibrated, and it has the anti-fogging technology. With this Irusu Monster VR device, you can get the free remote controller and a clicker, which helps you to control the headset.

This device is curved ergonomically with super foam protector, and it lasts longer. Also helps you to carry the 3D VR box comfortably for more extended periods with having any discomfort. Irusu monster supports smartphones with 4.5 inches to 6 inches.

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”https://www.amazon.in/Irusu-Monster-headset-button-Highly-experience/dp/B01JLAQGNY/” icon=”” target=”true”]Check Irusu Monster VR Price[/button]

7. Samsung Gear 3D VR Headset

Although Samsung is one of the best companies for delivering tech gadgets to the world, I have rated this device in 6th position just because of its price. Samsung has almost identical features to the above VR headsets, but it is expensive than the above products. Apart from that, it is also having many negative reviews on the internet.

Despite all the negative reviews, Samsung has the best 3D VR headset. This device is suitable for all the S7, S7 edge, Note 5, S6 & S6 Edge plus, etc. Nevertheless, the only problem with the Samsung gear is it works only with selected Samsung devices. It will not work for any other mobiles. So, I have listed this in the last position on this list of Best 3D VR Box.

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”https://www.amazon.in/Samsung-Gear-SM-R322NZWA-White-Edge/dp/B016OFYGXQ/” icon=”” target=”true”]Check Samsung Gear 3D VR Headset Price[/button]

Wrapping Up

Virtual Reality is a recent trend in computer gaming and other entertaining activities. Make sure to buy the best 3D VR box; otherwise, the VR experience will be poor. 

While buying the gadget, look at the Lens, Weight, Headstrap, Heat dissipation, and smartphone compatibility and get the great one worth for your money.  

Did I Miss Something you love? Now, it’s your turn to let us know about these best 3D VR boxes in this post.


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